Tri-County Riders​ 

February 3, 2018

It looks like the 3rd time is a charm! Tri-County Riders finally had our MISMATCH SHOW! It was worth the wait and all the prep work by Dennis Cole, Ron & Ramona Thornton paid off. The arena was PERFECT. We had 65 riders and some very shaggy horses join us for a beautiful 78 degree day. TCR would like to welcome the Borland Family, Colton, Kailey, Maddi, Michelle, Maleah & Tim, Kenly Bradshaw, Ima Fanning, Hannah Lopez & Lettie Reich. Welcome back Amanda Grant, Ashley Nelson & Jessica Tamura. Hope you all had a great day with TCR!

Since this was a rescheduled show several of our “regulars” were missing. Thank you Jeff Arabia, Beth Krickeberg, Cindy Elliott, Koren MOnroe, Shilah Mullins, Mike Pacheco, Tim Borland, Sarah Luke, Kaitlyn Windfeldt-Marino and I am sure many more for stepping up and pitching in We were running 3 arenas and there was always someone ready to jump in when asked. We have great volunteers who realize that we are 100% volunteer run and all pitch in for the love of the riders.

Our arena crew, Dennis, Phil Crouch, Morgan Crouch, Jeffery Monroe, Maegan Grimes Christopher, Lori Marino Tassahia Agaupe, hustled to get all the arenas ready. Meanwhile, in the booth, Deborah Monigold-Crouch, Kelli Oberto, Beth Windfeldt-Marino & Jennifer Galindo made sure all the paperwork was in order to get the show up and running.

Right off the bat we had some amazing runs in quads and speedball. Woo Hoo, riders and their horses were feeling good!

Our awards for this show were CRAZY MISMATCHED Awards! Every gift bag had various items in them. Some matching, some not....High Points had a value of $65, Reserve High Points had a value of $45, 3rd place had a value of $30 & 4th a value of $20. Leadliners had mystery bags with items for themselves and their horses. Thanks to Mrs. Pastures & Royal Oaks Feed every award winner received a bag of horse treats. Hope everyone like your awards

Autry Fanning

FC 11 & Under
Maddi Borland
Kenly Bradshaw
Bryley Pemberton
Isenia Salinas

FC 12-35
Noelle Forst
Brianna Cole
Kailey Bolton
Kyla Monroe

FC 35 +
Amber Stites
Michelle Borland
Cindy Elliott
Beth Krickeberg

A Division
Maggie Dronet
Jessica Pacheco
Delaney Fowler
Jessica Tamura

AA Division
Kristie Fish-Fowler
Brandi Mount
Lucy Potter
Lisa L Jewett

AAA Division
Sami Mount
Jennifer Galindo-Cole
Norah Nigh
Kristy White-Clark

And congratulations to Jonathan Tori Perez on their new arrival, Smart Money Bets, a cute little filly born that morning!

Preparations are not only underway for our next 2 shows, but also for our Spring Fever Buckle Show & FIRECRACKER FRENZY our saddle show the weekend June 30, July 1 & 2. Our amazing sponsors make these shows possible! Stay tuned for updates. Our next show is February 17, 2018, we will be running set 2. Until then, hug your horses & wear your helmets!


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