Tri-County Riders​ 

September 16, 2017

Our 3rd Anniversary Silver Show was a huge hit! 75 riders, their horses & their families joined us bright and early Saturday morning for day of gymkhana fun. Dennis, Phil, Lori & Jeff got the arena ready, Deborah, Kelli, Beth & Jennifer were in the both. Ceal & Jeff stood by to announce & Maegan & Jeffery were always ready to jump in where ever we needed them! Ron & Ramona Thornton did a great job on the arena & the ground looked great!

Tri-County Riders would like to welcome Brianna Cole, Jessa Collins, Melissa J Engelbert, Jeffry Larson, Jaxson Fontes, Sadie Fontes, Jennifer Gruenewald, Lorelai Guild, Gabrielle Hartman, Lisa LeEtta Jewett, Koren MOnroe, Kacie Murdaugh, Pamela Woehl-Novinsky, Michelle Silva, Shelley Stevens, Mindy Sullivan & Natalia Thurman to our club. We hope you had a great time!

It seems that the new format is a huge success. There were lots of colorful t-shirts & cute blouses( Kristie Fish-Fowler, yours was so pretty!) & hats. People were happy and seemed relaxed. Because we had so many helpful volunteers we managed to get everyone through all 7 events & ready for awards by 4:30(we even had a little lunch break to sample our snack shacks yummy food! Thank you Emily & Allison Agostini!).

Our "Silver" awards were Yeti Tumblers/Cozies(Thank you Johnson Lumber Ace Hardware in Morgan Hill & Hollister) and other sparkling awards! Glitter bell boots, silver reins & silver halters. We even had sparkly halters for our lead liners. Let's congratulate our winners!!!

Lead line
Autry Fanning
Natalie Bianchi
Lorelei Guild
Jaxson Fontes

FC 11 & Under
Hailey McConnell & Whiskey Bullet
Emmalee Keyes & Jackson Storm
Zetta Rey Wareham & Faith

FC 12-34
Kyla Taco Monroe & Cash
Tiffany Aguirre & Ranger
Austin Arabia & Eye GottaWhiz

FC 35 & Over 
Jill Groves & Tex
Laurie Sanders & Katniss Girl on Fire
Melissa Engelbert & Magic

A Horse 
Melissa Nigh & Cash Only
Jeff Larson & Ace
Eva Christopher & Baby Girl

AA Horse
John Kresha & Radiant Girl
Kelli Oberto & Chiefs Outlaw
Tassahia Williamson & The Beast

AAA Horse
Jennifer Galindo-Cole & DNO's Stand Out
Stacey Kresha & Mini Coop.

Did I mention the ground was amazing? Over 500 total rides & not a single horse/rider fell! Thank you Monterey County Sheriffs Posse Grounds!

Don't forget our STAR program where you can earn a customized buckle, receive discounted pricing & be included in special events! Look for the golden flyers at shows or ask Jennifer for more info!

Our next show is our annual October SPOOKTACULAR!!! We start our show in the afternoon with a costume parade at 2:00. When it starts to get dark we turn on the posse lights to make it EXTRA SPOOKY! Sign up from 1pm to 2pm, parade at 2:00 and be ready to ride at 3:00. Our events, not in this order, are poles 1, speedball, speed barrels, birangle, figure 8 stake, single stake & barrels. We will have awards for High Point, Reserve & 3rd place in each of 6 divisions. Stay tuned for updates!

We also have our November 11th, Veterans Day themed show. Come show your pride and thankfulness for our veterans by dressing in Red, White & Blue. Maybe we'll even have a special opening ceremony honoring our veterans!

So, until we see you all, be safe, wear your helmets & hug your horses!

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