2017 Award Banquet Recap!

The Tri-County Riders Year End Awards Banquet was a huge success. 120 riders, their families & friends joined us at the Monterey County Sheriffs Posse Grounds to celebrate each others successes. We were also joined by many of our generous sponsors! Thank you for supporting us, AOK Corral, Arabia's Overkill, Cirkl Specialized Training, Clayton Clark Grading, Joe Elliott Whole Horse System, Fowler Construction, Keyes Drywall & Painting, Lincoln Street Radiator, Lone Star Riding Academy, Modern Equine, MCSP, The Mount Family, Pizza Factory, Sparkle Nā€™ Spurs & Vita Floor USA.

TCR would also like to welcome our newest board member, Jeffery Monroe. I think he was a little shell shocked but now, after a little heart tune up, he is ready for the task.

Each rider that signed up for our 2016/2017 received a custom pair of Professionals Choice splint boots in their choice of color & a bag of Mrs. Pastures Cookies for Horses from Royal Oaks Feeds. Our riders receiving awards were:
First Name Last Name Mount
Andrea Bianchi Biscotti
Bekah Bueno Levi
Eva Christopher Baby Girl
Maegan Grimes Christopher Chic
Ashley Hamlin Clark American Dragon
Cali Clark JoyJoy
Kristy White-Clark Frankie
Olivia Cochran Buck
Deborah Monigold-Crouch Swiss Miss
Morgan Crouch Sweetie
Ashley Davis Fancy
Cindy Elliott Wizard
Joe Elliott Jackson
Laurie Bankofier Ellison WL Classic "Duey"
Regan Fleming Sas
Delaney Fowler Monkey
Kristie Fish-Fowler Rugars Smoken Now
Faith Gaitan Luke
Jennifer Galindo-Cole DNOs Stand Out
Emily Griffith Hope
Jill Groves Tex
Isabelle Holly Night Light
Johna Hurl Rudy
Katelyn Hurl Barbie
Kayla Hurl Big Red
Nya Keaveney Sage
Bradley Keyes Bradley
Emmalee Keyes Jackson
Jennifer Keyes Sahara
Jordan King Shorty
Laurie Sanders Foxy Roxy
Beth Krickeberg Heart Fever
Lisa Lange Riata Del Oro
Brooke Lindlow Sally
Mason Martin-Lockshaw Eggo
Dawn Mileham Wysper
Kimiko Milheim Chowchilla Stampede
Kimiko L. Milheim Tommy 2 Tone
Kassidy Miller Lost Art
Kyla Taco Monroe Cash
Brandi Mount Boon
Sami Mount Showmethe Ca$h
Tori Perez Princess Puzzle
Tori Mount Smart Chic'O Jay
Kelli Oberto Chief's Outlaw
Amberlyn Oligschlaeger Eclipse
Connie Pickens Dixie
Tammy Pi ChexOutMyBigGuns
Brittany Roberts Gringo
Gracie Robinson Susie
Isenia Salinas Cody
Heather Simpson-Bluhm Monster
Megan Stevens Pristine
Amber Stites Dusty
Isabel Teresa Brandy
Jordan Thompson Miss America
Rachel Tripoli Chevelle
Jamie Smith My Pony Bandit
Brody Vieira Gringo
Zetta Rey Wareham Faith
Anthony White Baron
Kaitlyn Beth Windfeldt-Marino Riley
Julie Woods Wyatt

We also gave awards to the top 5 riders in each division. Custom Galbraith Saddles to our champion, Molly's Custom Silver Spurs to our reserve champion, Mollys Custom Silver Buckles to 3rd, custom breastcollars to 4th and wither straps and conchcos to 5th.

Lets congratulate our WINNERS!
Name Mount Grand Total

Katelyn Hurl Barbie 310
Kassidy Miller Lost Art 223
Ashley Davis Fancy 143
Kayla Hurl Big Red 98
Ashley Clark American Dragon 85

Tori Mount Princess Puzzle 373
Sami Mount Showmethe Ca$h 302
Brittany Roberts Gringo 223
Rachel Tripoli Chevelle 212
Johna Hurl Rudy 201

Maegan Christopher Chic 399
Andrea Bianchi Biscotti 260
Mama Mount Boon 195
Kelli Oberto Chief's Outlaw 190
Cali Clark Joy Joy AA 156

Lisa Lange Riata Del Oro 316
Jordan Thompson Miss America 298
Jennifer Keyes Sahara 225
Kristie Fowler Rugars Smoken Now 205
Julie Woods Wyatt 178

FC !1 & Under
Zetta Rey Wareham Faith 516
Olivia Cochran Buck 442
Emmalee Keyes Jackson 381
Delaney Fowler Monkey 249
Isenia Salinas Cody 207

FC 12+
Amber Stites Dusty 262
Joe Elliott Jackson 256
Laurie Ellison WL Classic "Duey" 256
Connie Pickens Dixie 253
Isabel Teresa Brandy 196
Kyla Monroe Cash 192

The night was filled with surprises! Zetta Wareham had a plan.... a plan to surprise one of her follow competitors with an amazing gift. Since she and Emmalee Keyes tied for 1st place at Firecracker Frenzy, Zetta GAVE EMMALEE HER SADDLE! It as a touching moment that everyone got to share in. Wow!  BUT WAIT....That's not all. Apparently Jeff Arabia also had a plan.... He and Dennis had made plans to surprise 2 special people in his life. First ,Jeff asked Brody if it was ok with him to be his stepdad. Brody said YES. Well, you can guess what Jeff's next question was. He got down on one knee & asked Beth Krickeberg to marry him. Everyone held their breath and she said YES! I don't think there was a dry eye in the house. Congratulations Jeff & Beth!

We wrapped up the night with a special gift for Ron & Ramona Thornton. They do so much for TCR. They allow us to ride at the MCSP facility, they make improvements all the time & best of all they make sure the ground is SAFE! Once again....Thank You.

With that we wrapped up the night. Tri-County Riders wishes to thank each and every person who has helped make this club such a success. We want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & we can't wait until our 1st show of 2018! January 20, 2018, weather permitting. so, until then, cross your fingers & hug your horses. Love you all!

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