Tri-County Riders​ 

2016 Award Banquet Recap!

December 10th was the big party for TCR! This takes months and months of thought & planning to pull off. Prizes were ordered in August to ensure they were received, decorations planned & raffle prizes bought. This year I would like to thank Deborah Monigold-Crouch & Morgan Crouch for all the centerpieces & decorations. We also had a great setup crew that braved the downpour to help us get ready. Thank you Julie Woods, Kelli Oberto, Jim Woods & Laurie Ellison. The Agostini sisters catered the event & everyone agreed that the food was 5 star!

Several of our sponsors came as well. It was nice to spend some time with them & for them to meet more of the riders that benefit from their generous sponsorship. Thank you Holm Oostveen& Nicky Oostveen(VitaFloor), Sheila Denney Galindo & Tim Galindo(quilts by a Sheila), Lincoln Street Radiator, AOK Corral, Arabias Overkill & Pizza Factory.

We had almost 100 attendees, with riders families too, there to cheer on our riders. Each person who signed up received a custom halter & a personalized D8 Jacket. 
Andrea Bianchi, Hannah Bluhm, Heather Bryant, Shana Caposio, Cali Clark , Kristy White-Clark, Debbie Crouch, Morgan Crouch, Cindy Elliott, Norma Easterday (who got a DRAFT SIZE halter!  ), Joe Elliott , Danielle Fowler, Delaney Fowler, Kristie Fish-Fowler, Jennifer Galindo-Cole(on Trixx & Stanlee), Emily Griffith, Jill Groves. Johna Hurl, Katelyn Hurl, Kayla Hurl , Jennifer Keyes, Emmalee Keyes, Bradley Keyes , Jordan King, Beth Krickeberg, Lisa Lange, Emmanuel Marchica, Angela Marchica, Kyla Monroe , Melissa Nigh , Norah Nigh, Amberlyn Oligschlaeger, Kelli Oberto, Gracie Robinson, Heather Simpson-Bluhm, Sarah Pansegrau, Rachel Tripoli, Alyssa Voogd, Isbel Teresa, Zetta Rey Wareham , Brody Vieira, Katie Weber and Julie Woods.

We also gave customized jackets to some special judges, apprentice judgesm and some dedicated members.
Jeffery Monroe, Greg Bluhm, Ceal Craig, Jeff Arabia, Austin Arabia, Phil Crouch, Rhena Agostini
Clayton Clark, Jim Woods and Jeff Wareham.

Some honorable mentions went to Jeff Wareham & Bret Fowler. They got beautiful D8 engraved pocket knives!

We gave over $11,000 in prizes between the general awards & the Top 5!

Overall Divisional High Point was a stunning personalized oversized Mollys Custom Silver Buckle, Reserve a beautiful personalized Molly Custom Silver Buckle, 3rd a keepsake box from Cowhide Customs, 4th, engraved leather & suede reins & 5th bling conchos from Rawhide & Rust. I hope everyone had fun and enjoyed their awards, I know more then 1 rider was VERY SURPRISED!!

Leadliner(each received a personalized gift as well as a general award)
Danielle Fowler
Bradley KeyesFC 11 & Under

Delaney Fowler & Monkey
Zetta Rey Wareham & Faith
Emmalee Keyes & Jackson
Brody Vieira & Gringo
Sarah Pansegrau & Brownie

FC 12 & Over
Heather Simpson-Bluhm & Monster
Isabel Teresa & Brandi
Kristie Fish-Fowler & Rugars Smokin Now
Jordan King & Picosso
Jill Groves & Tex

A Divison
Lisa Lange & Riata Del Oro 
Jennifer Keyes & Sahara
Melissa Nigh & Cash Only
Katie Weber & Bailey
Alyssa Voogd & Harley

AA Division
Cindy Elliott & Wizard
Cali Clark & Joy Joy
Jennifer Galindo Cole & DNOs Tricked Out. 
Morgan Crouch & Sweetie
Kelli Oberto & Chief's Outlaw

AAA Divison
Rachel Tripoli & Chevelle
Johna Hurl & Rudy
Kristy White-Clark & Frankie
Jennifer Galindo & DNOs Stand Out
Heather Bryant & Little Bit

AAA+ Divison
Katelyn Hurl & Barbie. 
Kayla Hurl & Big Red

2015-2016 was a great season filled with lots of fast rides and many personal bests for many of our riders (myself included). The 2016-2017 season is already underway and TCR is once again offering a year end award. This season we are giving a Galbraith saddle for the overall winner in each division as well as placings to the top 5. We have budgeted $15,000 for our awards this season so don't forget to sign up. Each rider will receive an award AND be eligible for the top 5.

The show is scheduled for January 21st, weather permitting! It will be our annual MISMATCH SHOW, a crazy, wacky tacky day of fun that includes mismatched prizes too! Until then, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & peace & love to each and everyone of you! 2017.... is going to be AMAZING!!!