Our other dedicated team members

The Woods Family - Always ready for Anything

The Monroe Family -  Pitching in Whenever Needed
Jeff Wareham - Gate man & Stetson Model

Greg Bluhm - Announcer Extraordinaire 

Ceal Craig - Special Guest Announcer & TCR Sportsman of the Year 2015

We are fortunate enough to also have the help of several other local Judges


Dennis Cole - President and Head Judge  

​PJ Crouch- Vice President 

Jennifer Galindo - Cole- Secretary, Scribe and Social Media 


Morgan Crouch- The Gopher  

Debbie Crouch - Girl Friday

Beth WindFeldt-Marino - Computer Master

Lori Marino - The Law

Maegan Christopher - The Megaphone

Jeffery Monroe - The Handyman

Jeff Arabia - The Man on the Tractor(and the Voice of Firecracker Frenzy)

Beth Krickeberg -Mrs. AOK

Kaitlyn Windfeldt-Marino - KWM

Koren Monroe - The Mooover

Kyla Monoe - The Apprentice

Board Members 

Tri-County Riders​