Tri-County Riders​ 

Our other dedicated team members

Fred & Barbie Woodard - Jack/Jill of all Trades

The Woods Family - Always ready for Anything

Mateo Gonzalez - Assistant Judge

Brooke Mullins - Assistant  Judge  

Ceal Craig - Special Guest Announcer & TCR Sportsman of the Year 2015

We are fortunate enough to also have the help of several other local Judges


Dennis Cole - President and Head Judge  

Jeff Arabia- Vice President

Jennifer Galindo-Cole - Cole - Secretary


Beth WindFeldt-Marino

Lori Marino

Maegan Christopher

Jeffery Monroe

Beth Krickeberg

Kaitlyn Windfeldt-Marino

Koren Monroe

Kyla Monoe

Sean Christopher

​Melissa Ribeiro

Cindy Elliott

Ben Cochran

Diane Jensen 

Board Members