Firecracker Frenzy 2019 Recap!

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July 2, 3 & 4, 2021

Tri-County Riders​ 

3 days, 162 riders, 2100 rides, 300 BBQ dinners, 8 Second Ride, 1 match race Buckle, 142 awards & 1 brand new horse trailer...... I think everyone had fun!

We kicked off the 13th Annual Firecracker Frenzy on Thursday, June 27th as riders started rolling in to camp. We had riders from all over the state. Paradise, Riverside, Lake Havasu City, Palmdale, Oroville, Camino, Corning & many other places! Campers were escorted to their stalls & campsites & the excitement began to build. Thank you to our snack bar for the spaghetti dinner.

Friday morning our tractors & water trucks were hard at work. Thank you Noel Hatcher, Dylan Hatcher & Jeff Arabia for all your hard work to get our ground safe for all riders. Our riders meeting was at 1:30, explaining the flow of the arenas for the 5 events. I am super happy to report that we had a record number of Leadline riders this year and they were ready to rock & roll and like that..... we were off!

Thanks to the efficient arena crew we ran all our riders through 5 events spread over 3 arenas in record time & we were done by 7:30. Thank you arena managers!

Saturday morning once again began with a riders meeting & Dennis handing out his coveted crew shirts & FF hats! A small thank you for our volunteers for standing out in the sun all day! The ground was Good Friday night but Saturday it was BETTER! Many, many personal bests were run & not a single horse fell all weekend!

Since we were all done riding by 3:30 we were able to take a short break to relax before our BBQ! Thank you Emily Bucholz & Allison Agostini-Peach for the amazing dinner. Eight Second ride kicked off our dance with the lovely voice of Candie Cobb & her talented brothers. It was great to have you back at TCR. Lisa L Jewett, Amber Stites & Jill Garcia handled our stick horse games. They had speedball & barrel races with crazy pool noodle ponies! Winners received medals & bragging rights. Our little dog races are always a huge hit and Cooper Odell upheld his little dog champion title( that Yorkie is is crazy fast!) and Brooke Kendrick’s border collie took our medium dog trophy.

Sunday morning everyone was excited to ride & there were some close races for the coveted awards.

TCR was in for a treat! The Paradise Horseman’s Association Drill Team gave a beautiful drill presentation. For those who don’t know, TCR contributed financially to the rebuilding of the PHA arena & we are happy to report that they will be holding their fist show at home on Sunday, July 7th! After the drill team performance we had a presentation of flags & our national anthem sung by our very own Kaitlyn Windfeldt-Marino! We finally found something that big Mike is afraid of....flags! That’s ok, Kate did an amazing job & I saw lots of teary eyes!

More crew shirts & hats were awarded & announcements were made. Barrels was our 1st event & after our leadliners tore it up our 1st rider out ran a 18.2! That set the pace for the day! Unfortunately we did have one unplanned dismount but Maggie will be ok, just a concussion & broken rib (& no riding for a month). We are glad she’s ok.

This year we held our 2nd annual speed barrels match race and it’s always exiting. Our top 8 riders all raced for a chance to win our gorgeous Molly’s Custom Silver Buckle & $250. Congratulations Kiana Rogers on your win & Lisa Bradley for your Reserve!

TCR awards a very special Buckle each year to a person who stood out & went above & beyond during the weekend. This year we were honored to present our Sportsman Buckle to Noel Hatcher. Noel not only works continuously throughout the show but he had a tractor & water truck donated. Right after our June show Noel’s truck hit a tree, the front end was a mess. Noel still managed to get to FF & volunteer. THANK YOU SUPER FREAKING NOEL FOR ALL YOU DO!

We took our time to go through every time, every event & double & triple check it all. When you have 9 divisions & $30,000 of awards you want it to be perfect!

Let’s congratulate our 2019 Firecracker Frenzy winners!

Kali Skye Albrecht
Vivian Hoppe
Andi Steitz
Freya Sliter
Makayla Witteried
Olivia Albrecht
Charlotte Deal
Lukas Ribeiro
Charlette Jewett
Mikaela Dronet

FC 11 & Under
Madison Woodard
Fiona Morales
Maycee Mullins
Jodi Saylor (Bert)
Chloe Anderson
Chyanne Garcia
Payton Burger
Malia Rogers
Bryley Pemberton
Jodi Saylor (Fancy Pants)
Abigail Loera
Natalia Thurman
Autry Fanning

FC 12-40
Makenna Carroll
Sophie Arkell
Cynna Grijalva
Brook Mullins
Alexandra Rogers
Brianna Cole
Kate Cross
Melissa Ribeiro
Maegan Grimes Christopher
Nicole Gonzalez
Sarah Shaw
Lindsey Jae Fish
Melanie Reynolds
Sarah Steitz

FC 41+
Diane Layton
BJ Layton
Barbara L. Woodard
Chanter Johnson
Lori Ann Wiley
Mindy Sullivan
Judy Pittman
Shelley Stevens
Sharon Bittle
Joe Elliott
Beth Windfeldt-Marino
Cindy Blankenship
Deborah Monigold-Crouch
Dora Hartdegen Clark
Carol Wagner

A Horse 16 & Under
Emelia Gonzalez
Courtney Sabral
Katie Gieser
Olivia Cochran
Isenia Salinas
Kinslee Hatcher
Cheyenne Burger
Isabella Mark Ribeiro
Kayla Gorshe
Kaetlyn Sullivan
Hailey McConnell
Savanna Pool
Sera Alaga
Regan Fleming
Alyssa Hastings
Alexa Olivas

A Horse 17+
Diane Daniel-Jensen
Randy Barnard
Cyndy Gilbert
Amy del Sarto
Kyla Monroe
Sherrie Busjahn
Morgan Crouch
Andy Gilbert
Suzanne Richardson(Docs Annie Bar)
Paige Ainsworth
Amber Stites
Beth Krickeberg Arabia
Katie Harper
Alexis Honig
Tassahia Williamson

AA Horse 21 & Under
Peyton Lambert
Maddie Miller
Jaydin Gilbert
Madison Kayser
Maddison Schnittger
Brooke White
Skyler McMurray
Julia Lance
Bethany Harris
Kensey Kendrick
Kelsey Tarasco
McKenna Clark
Paige Crowder
Brody Vieira
Eva Christopher

AA Horse 22+
Jamie Hatcher
Suzanne Richardson(MissStreakingRight)
Karen Soares
Andrea Olivas
Melissa Del Carlo
Casey Bailey
Dan MacDonald
Julie MacDonald
Kayla Raitz
Sarah Luke
Bella Angobaldo
Julie Woods
Kelli Oberto

AAA Horse 25 & Under
Alana Layton
Brooke Kendrick
Jordan Odell
Bree Kalino
Kiana Rogers
Chloe Barnard
Victoria Olivas
Cassidy Sabral
Ashley Chavez
Matie Cardoza
Kayla Albrecht
Norah Nigh
Rebecca Slymen
Kaitlyn Windfeldt Marino
Grace Busjahn

AAA Horse 26+
Lisa Bradley
Kaitlynn Di Donato(Bob)
Jennifer Galindo-Cole
Tammy Pigao
Belinda Harms
Lisa Jewett
Malinda Bragg-Stewart
Scarlett Miller
Laurie Sanders
Ashley Bryning
Lori Ann Wiley
Maggie Dronet

We did things a little different this year with the age breaks but it leveled out the divisions & almost every rider took home an award! Let us know if you like the format & we will consider it for next year.

Events of this size do not run without help. Many tireless hours are spent before, during & after to ensure a seamless show. There is no way I can name all the volunteers who stepped up but I do want to name our board members who plan all year for this event.
PJ Crouch
Debbie Crouch
Lori Marino
Jeff Monroe
Jeff Arabia
Beth Arabia
Koren Monroe
Kyla Monroe
Maegan Christopher
Morgan Crouch
Beth Windfeldt-Marino
Kaitlyn Windfeldt Marino
Jennifer Galindo-Cole
Dennis Cole
Please send out a thank you to them for all their hard work!

This brings our 2018/2019 season to a close. Over the next few weeks year end points will be tabulated, awards ordered & plans made for our award banquet. Our first show will be August 17th & the craziness begins all over again! So, until we see each other again, hug your horses, ride hard & wear those helmets!