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Ariana Grande Christmas And Chill Mp3 Downloadxmass

Ariana Grande Christmas And Chill Mp3 Downloadxmass

If you are looking for some festive tunes to spice up your holiday season, you might want to check out Ariana Grande's Christmas & Chill EP. This is a collection of six original songs that the pop star released in 2015, featuring her signature vocals and catchy beats. The EP is a perfect blend of Christmas and chill, as the title suggests, with lyrics that are both romantic and playful.


The EP includes the following tracks:

  • Intro: A short and sweet introduction that sets the mood for the rest of the EP.

  • Wit It This Christmas: A sultry song that invites a lover to spend some quality time together on Christmas.

  • December: A fun and flirty song that celebrates the joys of December, from kissing under the mistletoe to making love by the fire.

  • Not Just on Christmas: A heartfelt song that expresses the desire to be with someone not just on Christmas, but every day of the year.

  • True Love: A cheerful song that counts down the gifts that a lover gives on each day of the 12 days of Christmas.

  • Winter Things: A cozy song that describes some of the winter things that Ariana likes to do with her boo, such as building a snowman, ice skating, and cuddling.

The EP is available on various streaming platforms, such as [Apple Music] and [Juno Download]. You can also watch the official lyric videos for each song on [YouTube]. Whether you are looking for some music to listen to while wrapping presents, baking cookies, or snuggling with your partner, Ariana Grande's Christmas & Chill EP is a great choice for you. Download it today and enjoy some festive vibes with Ariana Grande.


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