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Need For Speed Carbon Patch 1.5 Download

Need for Speed Carbon 1.5 Download - How to Get the Latest Version of the Racing Game

If you are a fan of racing games, you might have heard of Need for Speed Carbon, the tenth installment in the popular Need for Speed series by Electronic Arts. This game features intense car racing along with an exciting story arc, where you have to take over the city from rival crews and face a mysterious enemy from your past. You can customize your cars, recruit your crew members, and challenge other racers in various modes, such as drift, drag, and canyon.

Download File:

Need for Speed Carbon was released in 2006 for various platforms, including Windows, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, GameCube, and Nintendo DS. However, if you want to play the game on your PC, you might want to download the latest version of the game, which is Need for Speed Carbon 1.5. This version includes several patches and updates that improve the gameplay, fix bugs, and enhance the graphics. Here is how you can download Need for Speed Carbon 1.5 for Windows.

Step 1: Check Your System Requirements

Before you download Need for Speed Carbon 1.5, you need to make sure that your PC meets the minimum system requirements for the game. According to EA, these are:

  • OS: Windows XP SP2 or later

  • CPU: Pentium 4 or equivalent 1.7 GHz

  • RAM: 512 MB

  • Video Card: 64 MB DirectX 9.0c compatible video card (NVIDIA Geforce4 Ti+/ATI Radeon 8500+)

  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible

  • DVD Drive: 8X speed

  • Hard Disk Space: 5.3 GB

  • Internet Connection: Required for online play

If your PC meets these requirements, you can proceed to the next step. If not, you might need to upgrade your hardware or look for another game.

Step 2: Download Need for Speed Carbon 1.5 from a Trusted Source

The next step is to download Need for Speed Carbon 1.5 from a trusted source. There are many websites that offer free downloads of the game, but not all of them are safe and reliable. Some of them might contain viruses, malware, or unwanted software that can harm your PC or compromise your privacy. Therefore, you need to be careful and choose a reputable source that has positive reviews and ratings from other users.

One of the sources that we recommend is, a popular website that provides free software downloads for Windows, Mac, and Android devices. has a large collection of games, utilities, security tools, browsers, and more. You can download Need for Speed Carbon 1.5 from by following these steps:

  • Go to [] and search for "Need for Speed Carbon" in the search box.

  • Select "Need for Speed Carbon" from the results and click on "Download Latest Version" button.

  • Wait for the download to complete and save the file on your PC.

  • Double-click on the file and follow the installation instructions.

  • Launch the game and enjoy!

Note that also offers a trial version of Need for Speed Carbon, which allows you to play the game for free for a limited time. You can try this version before buying the full game if you want.

Step 3: Update Your Drivers and DirectX

The last step is to update your drivers and DirectX to ensure optimal performance and compatibility of Need for Speed Carbon 1.5 on your PC. Drivers are software components that enable your hardware devices to communicate with your operating system and applications. DirectX is a collection of APIs that enable multimedia features such as graphics, sound, and video in Windows games and programs.

If your drivers or DirectX are outdated or corrupted, you might experience problems such as crashes, errors, or poor graphics quality when playing Need for Speed Carbon 1.5. Therefore, you need to update them regularly to avoid these issues and enjoy the game smoothly. You can update your drivers and DirectX by following these steps:

  • Go to the website of your hardware manufacturer and look for the latest drivers for your video card, sound card, and other devices. Download and install them on your PC.