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Celsius Wf 604 User Manual

I have a manual. unplug. remove back screws. remove entire backboard (with motor)(unplug the wire connector. remove the longplastic support rod by pinching pointed ends and pushing them backthru their holes (take a picture if you think you won't rememberhow to reinstall). Push side panels apart at the top to remove toproller. Do the same for bottom roller. Remove pad from rollingtubes to clean. Vacuum the filter pad very gently and wash by handwoth MILD detergent. Put pad back on the rolling tubes. *Be suretop rolling tube is positioned so that the locking slot matches upwith the drive motor*. Be sure pad is centered on the tubes so itrolls smoothly when operating, not touching the main unit sides.The manual shows how it fits together, so take lots of picturesduring the whole process if you don't own the manual. It is easyactually.

Celsius Wf 604 User Manual



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