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Shilpa Shirodkar Blue Film EXCLUSIVE

The film begins with judicial proceedings of a terrible case that panicked society. Sumeet Khanna a student arraigned for slaughtering 5 of his collegians Prem, Pancham, Lorgez, Rani, & Mona. Justice Ravi Khanna a man of rectitude, and elder brother of Sumeet is to verdict the case and his sister-in-law advocate Rama Khanna defends. During that time, Sumeet divulges the grounds behind his act. He loves a beautiful girl Anju and their alliance is fixed. Parallelly, these 5 louts perpetrate monstrosities in the college such as extortion, drug dealing, blue films, etc., and many students turned into scapegoats in their trap. Once they all move to a picnic when shockingly, Anju goes missing. After a quest, her battered & bruised body is found which breaks down Sumeet. Later, he finds a camera in which he spots these scoundrels molested Anju and made its footage. Hence, Sumeet has slain them. At last, he declares himself guilty. Finally, the movie ends with Justice Khanna impartially sentencing the life to Sumeet.

Shilpa Shirodkar Blue Film

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