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In the years 1995-1997, SuperMemo World worked over a new hypermedia paradigm for SuperMemo, initially released as a separate line codenamed Genius. Most importantly, Genius departed from question-and-answer limitation of earlier versions of SuperMemo. In Genius all items/elements could be freely composed of various components such as text, sounds, pictures, etc. Secondly, Genius introduced knowledge hierarchy that made it possible to organize knowledge into a knowledge tree (contents window). Genius was originally released only as a hypermedia shell for CD-ROM titles such as Video English, Cross Country, etc. For long, Genius could not gain hearts of die-hard users of SuperMemo 7. Only in May 1997, the decision was taken to release Genius as an independent self-learning tool: SuperMemo 8. This was the first SuperMemo that was beta-tested around the world over the Internet and the first that was simultaneously released as a CD-ROM title (Deine Chancen) and a stand-alone application. It was also first commercial SuperMemo available for download from the Internet (June 1997). Successors of SuperMemo 8 will have always been first released as stand-alone applications over the Internet before the CD-ROM releases could be developed for traditional distribution channels.

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