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Syntheway Magnus Choir Vsti 16 Keygen Crack

Syntheway Magnus Choir VSTi 16: A Virtual Choir Plugin for Windows and macOS

If you are looking for a plugin that can create realistic and expressive choir sounds, you might want to check out Syntheway Magnus Choir VSTi 16. This plugin is a virtual instrument that can be used to create natural and synthetic choirs, from oohs and aahs to angelic voices and spooky effects. It is compatible with Windows and macOS, and can be used with any VST, VST3 or Audio Unit host.


Syntheway Magnus Choir VSTi 16 has 54 preset sounds ready to use, covering a wide range of choir styles and atmospheres. You can also customize your own sounds by adjusting the parameters of the plugin, such as the filter, the envelope, the pitch bend, the reverb and the low frequency oscillator. Here are some of the features of Syntheway Magnus Choir VSTi 16:

Download File:

  • It features a mixed choir with male and female voices, following the classic SATB (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) structure.

  • It has natural and synthetic sounds, from human vowels and consonants to reso pads and dark atmospheres.

  • It has cinematic and soundscapes sounds, such as abbey ghost, apocalyptic chamber, cosmic odyssey voice and voices in the mist.

  • It has a low frequency oscillator section that can modulate various aspects of the sound, such as the amplitude, the pitch and the filter.

  • It has an ADSR envelope generator that can control the attack, sustain, decay and release of the sound.

  • It has a pitch bend knob that can directly change the pitch of the sound.

  • It has a reverb built-in that can add spaciousness and depth to the sound.

  • It has a filter section that can apply a low pass or a high pass filter to the sound.

  • It has an amplitude range parameter that can control the loudness and sensitivity of the sound.

  • It has a panning potentiometer that can control the stereo position of the sound.

  • It supports MIDI CC automation for use with external hardware controllers.

Pricing and Availability

Syntheway Magnus Choir VSTi 16 is available for purchase at Syntheway's official website for $54.90 USD. You can also download a free trial version of the plugin to test it before buying. The trial version has some limitations, such as a nag screen, a white noise every 10 seconds and a limited number of presets. The plugin requires a minimum of 512 MB of RAM and 50 MB of free disk space. It works with Windows XP or higher (32-bit or 64-bit) and macOS Mojave or higher (64-bit).


Syntheway Magnus Choir VSTi 16 is a versatile and powerful plugin that can create realistic and expressive choir sounds. It has a large collection of presets that cover various genres and moods, as well as a flexible interface that allows you to tweak your own sounds. Whether you need a choir for your music production, film scoring, game sound design or just for fun, Syntheway Magnus Choir VSTi 16 can be a great choice for you.


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