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Power System Voltage Stability Taylor Pdf Download \/\/FREE\\\\

An increase in load capacity during the operation of a power system usually causes voltage drop and leads to system instability, so it is necessary to monitor the effect of load changes. This article presents a method of assessing the power system stability according to the load node capacity considering uncertainty factors in the system. The proposed approach can be applied to large-scale power systems for voltage stability assessment in real-time.

power system voltage stability taylor pdf download

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The maximum demand of power utilization is increasing exponentially from base load to peak load in day to day life. This power demand may be either industrial usage or household applications. To meet this high maximum power demand by the consumer, one of the options is the integration of renewable energy resources with conventional power generation methods. In the present scenario, wind energy system is one of the methods to generate power in connection with the conventional power systems. When the load on the conventional grid system increases, various bus voltages of the system tend to decrease, causing serious voltage drop or voltage instability within the system. In view of this, identification of weak buses within the system has become necessary. This paper presents the line indices method to identify these weak buses, so that some corrective action may be taken to compensate for this drop in voltage. An attempt has been made to compensate these drops in voltages by integration of renewable energy systems. The wind energy system at one of the bus in the test system is integrated and the performance of the system is verified by calculating the power flow (PF) using the power system analysis tool box (PSAT) and line indices of the integrated test system. The PF and load flow results are used to calculate line indices for the IEEE-14 bus test system which is simulated on PSAT.

The use of a super-capacitor as a storage device integrated with a Voltage source converter-based shunt-connected Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) is proposed for improving the STATCOM performance during sudden large disturbances in a power network. The super-capacitor was applied across the STATCOM capacitor during the disturbance condition. MATLAB simulations were carried out for the verification of a secondary function of the STATCOM like oscillation damping, transient stability improvement, and security of the power network with the storage device. The validation of the proposed super-capacitor was carried out in MATLAB. 350c69d7ab


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