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Tacx Trainer Software 4 30 ((EXCLUSIVE))

Kinomap also offers interval training, with two modes either based around training with a power meter or fixed resistance on a smart trainer. You can train solo or join sessions with users anywhere in the world.

tacx trainer software 4 30


This unit is different than all the others in price above it in that it has a manual resistance control lever which is connected via wired cable back to the trainer (you can see the cable on the ground in the above photo):

Further, I think the lower-priced Vortex Smart is also at a very appealing price point, significantly differentiated from the $1,000-$1,100 level that I feel the Bushido gets grouped into with the CycleOps PowerBeam Pro and Wahoo KICKR, both of which are a bit more beefy trainers. So by going with the lower price point for the Vortext Smart, I think it makes for a fairly compelling offering.

great article! Maybe I am just missing something but since I have had a look at Tax trainers before (due to the upcoming winter) the video training requires a Tax trainer (all versions?) and one of their sticks for your tablet. Is this correct? 350 Euros does sound like a good offer.

This would be very bad customer service. After letting the owners of the original Bushido suffer for years with crapy software the least they could do is to provide a simple upgrade to let it broadcast power over ANT+.

It is interesting that if if there is an issue with a Tacx trainer it usually has to be boxed up and sent to Tacx for repair, even if it means the LBS does the boxing. And this seems to be a very common occurrence. The basic mechanical design of the devices appears to remain the same, though change in paint and decals.

The export function is only in the advanced software, another 75euros after buying an expensive trainer in my care the vortex. At such costs for the trainers it seems ridiculous to charge more to merely export your workout especially when the social side of tools like endomondo or garmin would effectively advertise their trainers.

You can buy 261.25 or 261.5 slick tires from several vendors and they work great on a trainer. Winter outdoor riding is also fun, so clearly you need two sets of wheels so you can quickly go from indoors to outdoors ?

This is why I went with a rim instead of tire trainer for the mountain bike. The down side is less sophistication beyond a control cable that allows for increasing or decreasing the friction on the rim. Sometimes simple is better.

Cycleops do not have a open protocol, Im guessing you need to make some kind of deal with them or not look like a rival to their own software before they would give this to you. I know someone that developed very cool software & they would not give their protocol to him.

Is the micro-USB adapter for ANT+ for Android meant to only be used for controlling the Tacx trainers ? Or could it be used on my existing non-ANT+ smartphone to get all data from my existing Garmin Speed/cadence/heart rate sensors ?

It is well known and documented that the enginneering for durability and stability of the prior versions of the products is woefully lacking. Both software and hardware support is below minimum standards with respect to response clarity and trouble resolution. (Reference the Tacx user forums against the statements above)

To my knowledge the Nexus 4 does not support OTG neither software nor hardware wise. Hardware wise, there is no power supply to the USB port at all. Software wise, you would need to flash another kernel (but that info may be old).

Ray, do the new Tacx smart trainers require a warm up period before calibration? When I had the Kurt inRide, I could tell a difference in power reported if I calibrated right away or after 10 minutes.

Great preview as always Ray. You made a comment about how quiet these trainers are. Noise seems to be a big factor for a lot of people, especially across trainer types (fluid, mag, etc). Would there be a standardized way to measure that across trainers in your reviews, e.g., X dB when the flywheel is going at 20mph at the highest resistance level?

Alexander, I bought a fluid trainer early this year, and I can tell you they feel pretty nice. However, if your indoors training revolves mainly around intervals, having the ability to set a power level gets rid of most guesswork.

If the trainer provides a way to calibrate (the roll-down test), these types of interference can be minimized easily and quickly so that you will be riding at a certain power, as opposed to at certain speed that you hope corresponds to a certain power.

From the numbering the T2790 seems like a bundle version of the T2780 with software for a tablet. Now I am in doubt which one is the new one (well the T2780 for sure). Why do manufactures not simply use 1 name and model.

Hi,I am using a Polar V800 and question if I can use a smart trainer (Bushido or Vortex) with both, the iPad for the video and control of the Trainer and second the V800 to track my heart rate, Speed, Power Data from the smart trainer. So I want the ipad to control the trainer and the V800 to collect all trainingsdata.Does this work (once the V800 gets its update to work with Power data).Thanks,Heribert

I think the i-Vortex was a product from last year, Im fairly sure Tacx want to move fully to the smart line of trainers & sell their software for the PC as a after market product. The App is free & the rides for it have a small fee but you get to keep them for ever.

Tacx are training a new member in their support team & I suspect you may have hit the jackpot. If its a standard Garmin Ant stick it should be fine. If the Tacx Smart only worked with Tacx Ant sticks then it would be big news & counter all the marketing about it. Im fairly sure your issue will be Garmin software turned on in the task tray or interference related. The full Tacx upgrade kit has a extension cable to bring the Ant sensors closer together, if your not using this its quite a long distance to the break from the PC if its ahead of you.

Hi guys, I trying to figure out which trainer is best to spend my bucks on. The Kickr is too highly priced for me to justify right now so its between the Bkool and tacx smart trainers. I do like the look of the TTS 4.0 advanced software over the Bkool but I have read that its buggy? I will also have to run parallels on my mac to run the software, does this work well? What would you do Ray and any others out there with experience with these systems? Thanks for the help

can you do a list of smart trainer that will work with zwift , im after a new turbo but getting a bit bogged down with reviews, im wanting one that works on watts and will conect to my garmin 510 with ant+ heart monitor and speed cadence sensor

The speed question could be related to slope % set, if your riding a slope based route in the Tacx app or Tacx PC software it will calculate the speed you would be riding if out on a real road from your power (%slope grade, air resistance, gravity, watts & body weight) & completely ignore the wheel speed which is obviously completely meaningless on a indoor trainer with breakforce. This could be why your Mio picks up a higher wheel speed?

TDF edition.Interactive Smart trainer with electric motor brake. Includes front wheel fixer & bar bracket for tabletsThere is nothing else included then what you see aboveKind Regards,Tacx Support

Did you take into account the resistance curve? link to (only found it in german). I had a problem with a too low speed of the wheel that would not produce enough resistance. At higher speeds there were no problems.

I am wondering how much juice the trainer actually draws and how could I use it in the basement that has no socket to plug it in. Indoors, so no generators. Moving in with a lady does not allow in apartment use at the moment, unfortunately.

Their iOS workout player was recently updated with activity dashboard, adaptive training advisor, and a new workout player. You can also use their web player, Android app or Garmin Edge device to connect to your smart bike trainer or powermeter via ANT+ FE-C.

So with Maximum trainer, you can build your own workout using their workout builder, or use one of the workouts available on ERGdb.ORG. You can set up your own little studio using their multi-player feature and ride with 25 other riders at the same time, view power balance, and create your own workout.

I have tried road grand tours / rgt-cycling. After I logged out the first time the password did not work anymore. OK, asked for reset mail and got it. After password reset it worked again, however only until next logout. Then even the reset mail dis not work any more (thought the app said that it sent the reset notification). I tried this various times. I also contacted service, more than once, but never got an answer. Sad to see that extremely poor poor service for that really promising software that is really smart and great fun (as log as you access it).

In addition, it will be useful to set the firewall to ban Internet connections for the following TTS4 modules:C:\Program Files (x86)\Tacx\Common\LicProtector312.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Tacx\Common\LicProtector313.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Tacx\TacxTrainersoftware4\TrainerSoftware.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Tacx\TacxTrainersoftware4\Launcher\TTSLauncher.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Tacx\TacxTrainersoftware4\Tools\RaceServer\RaceServer.exe

1) TacxTrainersoftware4 folder to C:\Program Files (x86)\Tacx\2) Common folder to C:\Program Files (x86)\Tacx\3) TTS4 folder to C:\ProgramData\Tacx\TrainerSoftware\4) Se7en Soft folder to C:\ProgramData\

Note to paragraph 5. If you need to install drivers, run as administrator the file TacxDriversSetup.exe from the folderC:\Program Files (x86)\Tacx\TacxTrainersoftware4\TacxDrivers\Before starting the installer, make sure that all ANT+ antennas and USB interfaces are disconnected from the computer.

TacxTrainersoftware4 folder (the main folder of the TTS4 containing executable modules, including virtual reality; archive size - 1.42 GB): _wMLLmODoKv4f71AlQl3vzg1Ec5G/viewFolder path after installation:C:\Program Files (x86)\Tacx\TacxTrainersoftware4\ 350c69d7ab


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