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Tips and Tricks to Download Data Arknights and Maximize Your Performance

You may download Arknights from the Play Store, App Store, or for the Chinese version of the game, on Hypergryph's website at the following URL: (only for Android). It is possible to download the game from other providers, such as QooApp, but we recommend using the official methods.

download data arknights


It is worth noting that game content is downloaded in two separate ways. Google Play will initially download a 84.56 megabyte application, and a 1.53 gigabyte OBB package (what Google Play refers to as the additional file). Without getting into specifics, the initial application download contains most of the initial game code, while the OBB package contains the initial content. Most post-launch content is then downloaded in the game itself, through the loading screen that precedes login. Skipping the download of any of these files is not permitted.

If you are installing the Chinese version of the game, you will be downloading an APK file, which is, to simplify, the Android equivalent of a Windows installer .exe. The APK file can be executed by any Android emulator or Android itself, and will allow you to install the application on your device. Since the Chinese version uses an XAPK structure, content is included in the APK, which means it does not download an OBB. However, you will still have to go through the patching process within the game itself. In order to install this version of the game, you will have to go into your Android device's settings, and "allow installation of apps from unknown sources," which is usually found in the Security section.

For the sake of setting up multiple instances without going through the trouble of re-downloading the game every time, you can back up the game files. This process is, to our knowledge, impossible on iOS due to Apple's design policy of abstracting and obfuscating files from the user, so this guide will only work on Android. You will find game content at the following locations:

Resetting data to reroll, you can clear app data in the storage section of the app settings (which will begin the patching process anew) and reset your advertiser ID. Please note that you cannot skip this patching process, as backing up the files and putting them back in their place will simply log you back into the login credential you just deleted. To delete the app settings, on Android, go to your settings, the Applications submenu, Arknights, Storage, and clear app data. Do not delete anything else. Then, go to Google settings, Ads, and reset your advertising ID. Rerolling on iOS is difficult, and even next to impossible sometimes, likely due to iCloud. It is heavily recommended that you do not reroll on iOS.

I have a very old model of a smartphone with only 16gb worth of space! Only 1.5 GB of which is left after downloading basic things on it like 2 social media apps which I need for school and some other things like a music player!! I even deleted the app updates for ones that I don't use that often to empty the maximum amount of space that I can!!! I really want to play the game as the trailers and descriptions have really intrigued me but I can't find a way of doing so. If you have a suggestion, it would be great if you could share it :)

You can also opt for simply uninstalling and reinstalling the game instead of wiping the data. One drawback for both cases is that you will have to wait for your available internet speed to download the app data.

To use this method, start by closing the Arknights app. Go to the app setting and clear its data and cache. After that, you must reset the Google advertising ID by going to Settings -> Google (Google Services) -> Ads. Once that process is complete, you can reroll again.

To enjoy Arknights the best mobile tower-defense RPG game developed by the famous game company Yostar better, the best choice is to use NoxPlayer. We are the one-and-only official recommended emulator to play Arknights on PC. You can also download the APK for Arknights here.

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