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Samaja Vidyawa Sinhala Pdf 117

Samaja Vidyawa Sinhala Pdf 117

Samaja Vidyawa (Sociology) is the scientific study of human society, social behavior, and social change. It examines how people interact with each other, how they organize themselves into groups and institutions, and how they influence and are influenced by their social environment. Sociology also explores the diversity and complexity of human cultures, values, beliefs, and practices across time and space.

Samaja Vidyawa Sinhala Pdf 117 is a collection of articles on various topics related to sociology, written in Sinhala language by different authors. The articles cover a wide range of subjects, such as social theory, social research, social problems, social movements, social stratification, social change, religion, education, gender, ethnicity, and globalization. The articles are intended to provide an introduction to the basic concepts and perspectives of sociology, as well as to stimulate critical thinking and discussion among readers.


The pdf file can be downloaded from the following link: [Samaja Vidyawa Sinhala Pdf 117]. The file contains 117 pages and has a size of 8.7 MB. The pdf file is hosted by, a website that offers a variety of books in Sinhala language for online purchase or free download. also provides other resources, such as book reviews, author profiles, and book recommendations.

Some of the articles included in the pdf file are:

  • Samaja Vidyawa - Samajaya ha Sanskruthiya (Sociology - Society and Culture) by Nuwanie Publication. This article explains the basic concepts of society and culture, and how they are related to each other. It also discusses the main components of culture, such as symbols, language, norms, values, and beliefs.

  • Samaja Vidyawa Moolika Sankalpa Nyaya Ha Kramawedaya (Sociology Basic Concepts Theory and Methodology) by N.V.G.A Hemantha Kumara. This article introduces the main theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches in sociology. It also outlines the history and development of sociology as a discipline.

  • Aagama Pilibanda Samaja Vidyawa (Sociology of Religion) by Daya Amarasekara. This article explores the role and function of religion in society. It also analyzes the different types of religious organizations, beliefs, and practices.

  • Adhyapana Samaja Vidyawa (Sociology of Education) by Prof. Asoka Jayasena. This article examines the relationship between education and society. It also investigates the issues and challenges faced by the education system in Sri Lanka.

The pdf file also contains other articles on topics such as socialization, deviance, family, media, politics, economy, health, environment, and social movements. The articles are written in a simple and clear language that is easy to understand for anyone who is interested in learning more about sociology.

Samaja Vidyawa Sinhala Pdf 117 is a valuable resource for students, teachers, researchers, and anyone who wants to gain a deeper insight into the social world. It is also a useful reference for those who are preparing for exams or assignments related to sociology. By reading this pdf file, one can enhance their knowledge and skills in sociology and apply them to their personal and professional lives.


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