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Sas Portable 64 Bit Free 403 [UPD]

This is a free utility that is used for editing the registry to ensure the serial number descriptor of each FTDI device is ignored during driver installation. This feature ensures any FTDI device connected to a USB port is given the same COM port number.

Sas Portable 64 Bit Free 403

COMPort_Assignment is a free utility that is used for assigning the COM Port numbers of FTDI devices. It runs under Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. COMPort_Assignment utility is available for download as a .zip file by clicking here.

FT_PROG is a free EEPROM programming utility for use with FTDI devices. It is used for modifying EEPROM contents that store the FTDI device descriptors to customize designs. FT_PROG also includes the capability of programming the Vinculum firmware.

USBView is a free utility from Microsoft that displays the USB connection tree and shows the USB devices that are connected to it together with their configuration data. This is very useful for debugging USB enumeration errors. USBView runs under Windows 98, ME,2000, XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1.

where I've made the exact URL anonymous just for posting. What's so odd is that I cloned from the exact same gitlab with the portablegit via command line, then I imported that directory tree into sourcetree as a "local repo" and sourcetree then seems to successfully do pulls and fetches (It says "pull successful") but if I try to use sourcetree directly to clone I get the 403 type error above. I would have thought that a fetch or pull would exercise the authentication with gitlab in much the same way as a clone.

Simply deleting files, or even formatting the disk, does nothing to stop a determined snoop. This program, a powerful (and free!) set of tools, promises to do something much more useful. ...... once the program has done its job, there is no turning back.

For a portable experience, install Tomcat using the zip file and avoid installing the service. Easily uninstall Tomcat when it is no longer needed by deleting the Tomcat directory, or move it around when necessary.

SyncBackPro V7.0.32.0, SyncBackSE V7.0.32.0, SyncBackFree V7.0.32.0 (January 2015) New (SE/Pro): Group profiles can now be run automatically when a SyncBack Touch device starts New (SE/Pro): Can set how long to keep backups of profiles for New (SE/Pro): Log file now shows free space on cloud (except S3 and Azure as that is unlimited) New (SE/Pro): French language version CHM help file and PDF available from the downloads page Fixed: Some high DPI fixes Fixed (Pro): 403 Forbidden error when restoring compressed S3 objects stored in Glacier Fixed (Pro): Profiles uploaded to SBMS server were corrupt Fixed (Pro): Sometimes emails were not deleted Fixed (Pro): May get an error creating base directory with OneDrive Fixed (SE/Pro): Getting SyncBack Touch settings will not hang if it cannot contact Touch device Fixed: No Install versions missing file for FTP Fixed: Differences window not shown if only changes were new folders Fixed (Pro): Now works with IMAP4 servers that do not use a slash as a folder delimiter Updated: Group log links and profile log links to parent group log are now relative links Updated: Windows Environment variable expansion first uses the new method and then the older method Updated: Dutch translations Updated (SE/Pro): Serial entry window modified so clearer that old versions can be downloaded if using old serial number Updated (Pro): Progress feedback when downloading Dropbox delta list Updated: Options for the encryption method used for storing passwords in settings files Updated (SE/Pro): Log now also shows platform SyncBack Touch is running on Updated (Pro): Azure uses newer API version (2012-02-12) as Microsoft is dropping older versions on 1 Aug 2015 Updated (Pro): Now supports S3 V4 security API (required for some locations, e.g. Frankfurt) Updated (Pro): Will pause and retry when getting a list of emails and Exchange server is busy Updated (Pro): Can now upload files over 100MB in size to Microsoft OneDrive Updated (SE/Pro): Profiles set to run automatically when Touch device connects will not keep re-running

SyncBackPro V7.0.1.0, SyncBackSE V7.0.1.0, SyncBackFree V7.0.1.0 (October 2014) Fixed: Profile wizard window going to background when going to third page Fixed: Sometimes fails to unzip level-1 LZMA compressed files Fixed: Failed to import file and folder selections from very old versions of SyncBack freeware Fixed: Recording Unknown Error when running a profile that is already running Fixed (Pro): Failing to update cloud details when using details from source as action Fixed (Pro): Fast Backup of email Fixed (Pro): When uploading to OneDrive, and fails, sometimes not recording failure in log Fixed (Pro): Google Drive upload limit of 10GB removed as limit is now 5TB Fixed (Pro): OneDrive REST API has upload limit of 100MB Fixed (Pro): Progress not showing file size when downloading from cloud Fixed (Pro/SE): Could not enable detection of file renames on destination Fixed (Pro/SE): The copy is not identical to the original errors when using AES encryption with Zip files Updated (Pro/SE): Option to not encrypt communication with SyncBack Touch removed, now always encrypted

SyncBackPro and SyncBackSE V6.1.1.22 (June 2012) New (Pro): Bandwidth throttling when using cloud New: Special links in HTML log files to exclude files and folders and to modify the profile New: Option to verify files serially instead of in parallel (can fix rare problem on some systems) Fixed (Pro): When uploading large files to S3 it may fail with error InvalidPartOrder Fixed (Pro): May crash on start on some systems if there is invalid data in the registry for MIME types Fixed (Pro): Unable to refresh bucket list if there was a bucket with an invalid name Fixed (Pro): Now works with US buckets that did not follow the stricter naming rules Fixed (Pro): Setting a files date and time or attributes on the cloud (without copying the file) Fixed (Pro): Was not setting MD5 hash value in meta-data when uploading to cloud Fixed (Pro): Long filenames when using cloud Fixed (Pro): Very large files may fail to restore from S3 with EOutOfMemory or ERangeError errors Fixed (Pro): Very large files may fail to upload with 400 Bad Request errors or other errors Fixed (Pro): Using run-time scripts may cause profile to freeze on termination Fixed: The mounted file system does not support extended attributes error when creating directories Fixed: 'Drive not found' bug with some junction points when it is the base directory Fixed: In some situations changes in folder case are not detected Fixed: Silently fail if destination cannot be reached would cause profiles not to run if using cloud Fixed: Windows handle leak when using compression Fixed: Could get corrupt file and folder selections if chose skip and exclude from Differences window Updated (Pro): Prompts for cloud username if it is wrong (when creating and modifying profiles) Updated (Pro): Retries under more circumstances when using cloud Updated: In Differences window, when double-clicking an entry, will now open file/folder if there is nothing to compare with Updated: Warning to clear history if switching compression on or off and using a sync profile Updated: The file and folder selection tree now correctly saves case changes for folders Updated: On Vista and newer it now uses a more modern directory selection dialog Updated: Small tweaks to installer and default scheduled task settings for Windows 8 Updated: All action prompt decisions must now be made before any copying or deleting is done Updated: madExcept exception handler Updated: Debug log now includes CPU usage Updated: On XP and 2003 more VSS error codes are recognized and reasons for retry increased Updated: The option to not compare files in parallel added (same as verify files in parallel setting)

SyncBackPro and SyncBackSE V5.8.7.23 (December 2009) New: While profile is running can click on number of errors text in main window to display text file containing list of errors so far New: %ISUNATTENDED% variable Fixed: Backup to multi-zip on FTP where modification date & time of file was before 2000 Fixed: Backup to multi-zip on FTP where file size was over 2GB Fixed: Cannot use archival fast backup with multi-zip on FTP Fixed: Was not deleting destination only files on FTP when using multi-zip Fixed: Some FTP servers cannot rename files if the destination file already exists Fixed: Meaning of a single backslash with FTP servers changed to mean root folder instead of login folder (now use period for that) Fixed: Test for free space on network drive now done only after connection is made Fixed: If running on Windows 2000 then detects bug where directory listing is not returned from server Fixed: Get around Internet Explorer bug where it does not open some log files when asked to open many at the same time Fixed: No longer requires at least 3% free disk space on external drives when creating Zip files Fixed: GetFolder exception when importing profile on Vista and newer Fixed: On Vista and newer it will automatically correct the program path when importing schedules Fixed: Wrongly stating a group was recursive Fixed: Group and profile selections and expansions retained between runs when using nested groups Fixed: If erasing CD/DVD and unattended and configured not to prompt then it will erase instead of aborting Fixed: Was using VSS when told not to Fixed: Maximum Zip filename length back to 512 from 260 Fixed: Work-around for Windows 7 reporting wrong locale and so date and time formatting incorrect Fixed: Various minor fixes and improvements Updated: Uses new Windows features for potentially faster directory scanning on Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 Updated: Improved unzip performance when restoring from a single zip file Updated: Global Options now includes the FTP buffer sizes Updated: Profile rename no longer collapses all profiles Updated: Differences window and collision prompt no longer steal focus (unless "Keep window on top of all others" ticked) Updated: Added option to skip prompting before erasing CD/DVD Updated: Option to record warning instead of error for missing files now also applies to copying from FTP Updated: Dutch translations Updated: Help File 350c69d7ab


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