Tri-County Riders​ 

Anniversary Show September 21, 2019

Tri-County Riders kicked off their 6th year in fine style! 76 riders joined us for our 6th annual Anniversary SILVER Show! The day dawned a little damp but that meant it would not be a scorcher later on. Our arena crew got busy moving equipment while Richard Holland groomed the arenas, making sure our riders have safe footing.

TCR would like to welcome Heather Avis, Joslyn Avis, Brynn Burger, Dorthy Kern, Valarie Burton Loera, Cory Rego, Hailey Thomas & Layla Wilder Welcome back Mason Lockshaw! We are so happy to have you become part of the TCR family!

We were missing a few of our regulars that help out but as usual, we never had to ask for help more then once. Thank you Benjamin Cochran, Julie Woods, Julie Cochran, Matteo Gonzalez, Brooke Mullins, Fred Woodard, Barbara L. Woodard, Brent Burger & MANY MANY MORE for your help. Because of our amazing volunteers & board members we were able to run 76 riders through 7 events and be all done by 3:30!!

Our awards were all silver themed with bridles & breastcollars for High Point, engraved stirrups for Reserve, Rope halters with glitter nose bands for Third, Engraved spurs for Fourth & conchos for Fifth. Leadliners received a medal & TCR baseball cap. Let’s congratulate our winners!!!

Charlotte Deal
Shylah Ayzman
Vivian Hoppe

FC 11 & Under
Maddison Woodard
Malia Rogers
Payton Burger
Peyton Orradre
Kaylee Davis

FC 12-34
Kelli Oberto
Joslyn Avis
Cory Rego
Hailey Thomas
Brianna Cole

FC 35+
Valarie Loera
Nicole Gonzalez
Dorthy Kern
Rebecca 'jen' Rogers
Beth Windfeldt-Marino

A Horse
Barbara L. Woodard
Olivia Cochran
Julie Woods
Kyla Monroe
Heather Avis

AA Horse
Holly Sanchez
Jamie Hatcher
Emelia Gonzalez
Isabella Ribeiro
Kaitlyn Jeanelle

AAA Horse
Norah Nigh
Jennifer Galindo-Cole
Maegan Grimes Christopher
Kensey Kendrick
Brooke Kendrick

PLUS.... we had our mystery jackpot of Figure 8 Flags
1D Kaitlyn Windfeldt-Marino
2D Joslyn Avis
3D Amber Stites
4D Emelia Gonzalez
5D Valarie Burton Loera

PLUS.... we always offer an extra event with special award for those riders. This time it was an silver engraved hoof pick for the winners of Birangle
Jennifer Galindo-Cole
Kensey Kendrick
Kaitlyn Windfeldt-Marino
Peyton Orradre
Brooke Weltz
Dorthy Kern

Please congratulate our riders!!!!!
I will post bump ups next, just have to get them from a different list😉.

Our next show is our annual Halloween Spooktacukar on October 19th! It’s an afternoon show that kicks off at 2:00 with. Costume Parade. Last year we had over 50 riders in costume! Our show starts at 3:00 with a modified set of events. When the sun goes down we turn on the arena lights for an extra spooky feel!

Our annual STAR Award Dinner is set for Sunday, December 1st from 2pm-7pm at the Hollister Elks Lodge. Over $30,000 in awards have been ordered! Each 2018/2019 STAR Member receives 2 tickets & additional ticks may be purchased for $30 each.

Until then, ride hard, hug your horses & WEAR YOUR HELMETS!

Show Results!