Tri-County Riders​ 

2018 Award Banquet Recap!

Our 1st year as an independent club is in the books & last night was a HUGE celebration. It takes months to plan for an event this size. We literally start the day after Firecracker Frenzy! TCR needed to have 114 custom buckles designed by Molly’s Custom Silver, 6 Galbraith saddles(and the fenders then sent to Rawhide & Rust for engraving), 6 Best Ever Pads from Chasing Time Horses, 6 sets of stirrups from DustilDawn Stirrups, 6 jackets from Sublime Silkscreen, 6 grooming bags from Custom Tack & 24 award frames for our generous Platinum Sponsors! Not to mention a huge dinner to plan. Last night it all came together! We had a packed house with over 200 attendees & all but 5 riders personally picked up their awards.
I would like to take a moment to thank Debbie Crouch, PJ Crouch, Morgan Crouch, Beth Windfelt Marino, Lori Marino & Kaitlyn Windfelt-Marino for all your hard work on the décor for the Elks Lodge, snowman centerpieces & raffle prizes. They spent countless hours planning & organizing to make this night special. Thank you Maegan Christopher & family for coming to help set up.

After a short “State of the Union” from our President, Dennis Cole, we got down to business; Dennis thanked each board member with a belt buckle. All our board member work hard throughout the year and we hope that they wear these buckles proudly:
Rhena Agostini, Beth Arabia, Jeff Arabia, Maegan Christopher, Debbie Crouch, Morgan Crouch, PJ Crouch, Jennifer Galindo-Cole, John Kresha
Stacey Kresha, Lori Marino, Beth Windfelt-Marino, Jeff Monroe, Kelli Oberto

After our hard working Board members Dennis thanked our generous Sponsors in attendance. Each Platinum Sponsor received a personalized plaque, thanking them for their support.
Platinum Sponsors
Arabia's Overkill/AOK Corral, Lincoln Street Radiator, Monterey County Sheriff's Posse, Pizza Factory San Juan Bautista, Clayton Clark Grading
Fowler Construction, Mount Family, Cirkl Specialized Training, Jim Crawford Construction, Keyes Drywall & Painting, TB Friends. Associated Plumbing
Dreamor Ranch, Golden State Bait, Keller Engineering/Darrell Letterman
South County Linex, XD Lowbed Services.

Silver Sponsor
Stop Buggin'
Honorable Mention
Tammi Pigao, founding member of Tri-County Riders in 2006

Tri-County Riders is pleased to present our 2017/2018 STAR Riders.
Paige Ainsworth Lynxie
Kali Skye Albrecht Wyatt
Austin Arabia Eye Gotta Whiz
Beth Arabia Captain Morgan
Brody Vieira Little Miss Sunshine
Kailey Ash Stormy
Kimberly Ash Chex
Andrea Bianchi Biscotti Moon
Hannah Bluhm Honey
Heather Simpson
Bluhm Monster
Colton Borland Tex
Kailey Borland Josey
Maddi Borland Maribelle
Kenly Bradshaw Bourbon Bar
Eva Christopher Baby Girl
Jaylene Cirkl The Captain
Cali Clark Joy Joy
Cali Clark Northern French Gal
Kristy Clark Tough N Ready
Anthony White Odie
Olivia Cochran Buck
Brianna Cole Spooky
Jessa Collins Riley
Debbie Crouch H H Sugar & Spice
Morgan Crouch Shesa Sweet Remedy
Morgan Crouch Takin the CD
Melissa Del Carlo Cash Only
Norah Nigh Smart Ruby
Maggie Dronet Daisy
Cindy Elliott Wizard
Joe Elliott Jackson
Melissa Engelbert Magic
Jeff Larson Ace
Autry Fanning Hitman
Regan Fleming SAS
Noelle Forst Kona
Delaney Fowler Cinderella
Kristie Fowler Rugars Smoken Now
Jennifer Galindo-Cole DNO's Stand Out
Emelia Gonzalez Whiskey Moon
Mateo Gonzalez Scarlett Rose
Kayla Gorshe Patience
Cyenna Grijalva CeeCee
Jill Groves Tex
Rachel Gruenewald Spoke
Hailey Jo Guerini Alamo
Makenzie Guerini Sal
Jamie Hatcher Buster
Kinslee Hatcher Rocket
Diane Jensen Rosie
Charlette Jewett Lucky
Lisa Jewett Plexus Lucky 7
Nya Keaveney Sage
Brooke Kendrick Aztec
Kensey Kendrick Zion
Emmalee Keyes Jackson Storm
Jennifer Keyes Sahara
Laurie Komberec Katniss Girl on Fire
John Kresha Radiant Girl
Stacey Kresha Mini Coop
Lisa Lange Riata Del Oro
Mason Lockshaw Eggo
Abigail Loera Scarlet
Carla Mason Jackson
Hailey McConnell Whiskey Bullet
Koren Monroe Stanley
Kyla Monroe Cash
Mama Mount Boon
Sami Mount Show Me the CA$H
Sami Mount Smart Chick O'Joy
Tori Perez Princess Puzzle
Tori Perez Texas Bets
Brooke Mullins Hollywood
Maycee Mullins Bailey
Kelli Oberto Chief's Outlaw
Amberlyn Oligschlaeger Eclipse
Peyton Orradre Bailey
Jessica Pacheco Fallyn
Sarah Pansegrau Boo Bear
Bryley Pemberton Diamond
Kayla Raitz Okie Dokie
Isenia Salinas Cody
Jodi Saylor Driftin Two Eyed
Karen Soares Huck
Amber Stites Jacks
Isabel B Teresa Brandy
Carol Wagner Rio
Lisa Wetherington Missy
Kaitlyn Windfeldt-Marino DNO's Tricked Out
Madison Woodard Freddy
Julie Woods Wyatt

We had a few special awards to give members who always go above & beyond. Either by their attitude, dedication, grit or determination. This year we are pleased to name the following Tri-County Riders “All Star Award” winners
Brooke Mullins, Always a smile, willingness to help & learn more about TCR
Isabel Teresa, Even when she can’t ride she comes and supports TCR with a smile
Eva Christopher, Our most determined rider. She’s switched horses mid-season & stuck with it!

Finally, the time had come….. Time to name our TOP 5 WINNERS IN EACH DIVISION!
Jodi Saylor/Bert
Emelia Gonzalez/Whiskey Moon
Emmalee Keyes/Jackson Storm Maycee Mullins/Baylee
Isenia Salinas/Cody

FC 12 & OVER
Regan Fleming/SAS
Brianna Cole/Spooky
Kyla Monroe/Cash
Morgan Crouch/Takin the CD
Amberlyn Oligschlaeger/Eclipse

FC 34+
Debbie Crouch/H H Sugar & Spice
Lisa Wetherington/Missy
Isabel B Teresa/Brandy
Laurie Komberec/Katniss Girl on Fire
Diane Jensen/Rosie

Beth Arabia/Captain Morgan
Julie Woods/Wyatt
Kaitlyn Windfeldt-Marino/DNOs Tricked Out
Maggie Dronet/Daisy
Lisa Lange/Riata

AA Horse
John Kresha/Radiant Girl
Kristie Fowler/Rugars Smokin Now
Melissa Del Carlo/Cash Only
Jennifer Keyes/Sahara
Delaney Fowler/Cinderella

AAA Horse
Jennifer Galindo-Cole/DNOs Stand Out
Sami Mount/Show Me the CA$H
Stacey Kresha/Mini Coop
Mama Mount/Boon
Lisa Jewett/Plexus Lucky 7

Tri-County Riders wants to wish every single member, sponsor & family Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Preparations for our 13th annual Firecracker Frenzy are already in the works!  Until then, hug your horses, hug your family & wear a helmet!