2019 Award Banquet Recap!

Tri-County Riders can host one heck of a party! It was our annual STAR Award Banquet where we recognize all the hard work our riders put in the previous season.  Every rider who rode their 35 rides received a custom Molly’s Custom Silver belt buckle.  These buckles are made especially for TCR and for our riders & they sure were gorgeous!  This year’s dinner was at the Hollister Elks Lodge & we would like to thank our preparation committees!  There is a lot that goes into planning an event of this magnitude,  95 buckles ordered, riders names checked, horses names checked stone colors checked (& all of it rechecked multiple times!).  The Awards Committee made sure everything was perfect & everything was displayed to show off all that bling!  This year we had several people who put together all our centerpieces. Thank you Sarah Goken for loaning us your wedding lanterns, Tammy Pigao & Pam Alaga for decorating them, Shelly for lending us her centerpieces and Debbie Crouch for for lending us hers.  I think the room looked amazing!

We kicked off the evening with thank you gifts for our outgoing Board of Directors  Insulated tumblers with buckles on them!  Something all of them can use.  With that we began to hand out all those BUCKLES! Let’s congratulate our riders!
Paige Ainsworth Lynxie
Patty Ainsworth Fanny
Sera Alaga Pecos
Kali Skye Albrecht Wyatt
Chloe Anderson Spanky
Beth Arabia Captain Morgan
Josie Bianchi Tara
Natalie Bianchi Spot
Sharon Bittle Justin
Cheyenne Burger Dixie
Payton Burger Midnight
Ashley Chavez Bullet
Eva Christopher Chic
Maegan Christopher RW Chicken and Tonic
Makenna Clark Tiza Tucker Too
Olivia Cochran DNOs Rio
Brianna Cole Spooky
Jessa Collins Riley
Debbie Crouch H H Sugar & Spice
Morgan Crouch Takin the CD
Kaylee Davis Bud
Charlotte Deal Charlotte
Melissa Del Carlo Cash Only
Maggie Dronet Daisy
Mikaela Dronet Mikaela
Cindy Elliott Wizard
Joe Elliott Chisa
Anna Fandli Cashew
Autry Fanning Hitman
Lindsey Jae Fish Sorin
Regan Fleming SAS
Jennifer Galindo-Cole DNOsStandOut
Chyanne Garcia Spitfire
Emelia Gonzalez Whiskey Moon
Emelia Gonzalez Boomer
Kayla Gorshe Patience
Cyenna Grijalva Cee Cee
Jamie Hatcher Ginger
Kinslee Hatcher Rocket
Kinslee Hatcher Luna  
Alyssa  Hastings Duke
Stacy Jenkins Mouse
Diane Jensen Rosie
Charlette Jewett Lucky
Lisa  Jewett Plexus Lucky 7
Bree Kalino Griffin
Nya Keaveney Chance
Brooke Kendrick Aztec
Kensey Kendrick Zion
Lexi LaJeunesse Ellie
Julia Lance Solar
Abigail Loera Scarlet
Sarah Luke Snick
Kyla Monroe Cash
Fiona Morales Power Ranger
Brooke Mullins Dolly
Brooke Mullins Hollywood
Maycee Mullins Baylee
Ashley Nelson Watch For Cows
Norah Nigh Smart Ruby
Kelli Oberto Chief's Outlaw
Peyton Orradre Jack
Jessica Pacheco Fallyn
Bryley Pemberton May
Tammi Pigao Wildfire
Savannah Pool Jack
Melanie Reynolds Barefoot N Blonde
Isabella Ribeiro Sissy Squared
Melissa Ribeiro Luna Lu
Alexandra Rogers Mr B
Isenia Salinas Cody
Laurie Sanders Foxy Roxy
Jodi Saylor Bert
Jodi Saylor Fancy Pants
Karen Soares Huck
Shelley Stevens SunDance
Amber Stites Jax
Kaetlyn Sullivan Silver
Mindy  Sullivan Amazing Grace
Isabel B Teresa Brandy
Brody Vieira Little Miss Sunshine
Carole Wagner Rio
Tassahia Williamson Hot Damm
Beth Windfeldt DNOsMaxxedOut
Kaitlyn Windfeldt-Marino DNOsBlackOut
Kaitlyn Windfeldt-Marino DNOsOuttaSight
Makayla Witteried Chic
Barbie Woodard Mona
Madison  Woodard Freddy
Julie Woods Wyatt

With all the STAR awards handed out we turned to an exciting time of the night. OVERALL DIVISION WINNERS!  These riders rode hard all year & accumulated points in their divisions.  Several of these races were really close & it is kept a surprise until the banquet.  Overall High Point was a Galbraith Saddle, Reserve Molly’s Custom Silver Stirrups, 3rd, Breastcollars with Molly’s Custom Silver Conchos, 4th, Saddle pouches Handmade by Mike Williams with conchos made by Rawhide & Rust and 5th was custom halters from Custom Tack Shop.  Please join me in congratulating your divisional winners!
 AAA Horse
  1st    Jennifer Galindo-Cole/DNOsStandOut                                   
  2nd 417 Brooke Kendrick/Aztec                                                
  3rd  24 Norah Nigh/Smart Ruby                                                
  4th 253 Lisa Jewett/Plexus Lucky 7                                           
  5th 331 Ashley Nelson/Watch For Cows                                         
 AA Horse
  1st 408 Karen Soares/Huck                                                    
  2nd 528 Jamie Hatcher/Ginger                                                 
  3rd  78 Laurie Sanders/Foxy Roxy                                             
  4th 404 Sarah Luke/Snick                                                     
  5th  23 Melissa Del Carlo/Cash Only                                          
 A Horse
  1st 175 Amber Stites/Jax                                                     
  2nd 100 Isenia Salinas/Cody                                                  
  3rd 220 Kayla Gorshe/Patience                                                
  4th  85 Kyla Monroe/Cash                                                     
  5th  13 Julie Woods/Wyatt                                                    
 FC 11 & Under
  1st 215 Maycee Mullins/Baylee                                                
  2nd 459 Madison  Woodard/Freddy                                              
  3rd 292 Jodi Saylor/Bert                                                     
  4th 309 Abigail Loera/Scarlet                                                
  5th  62 Emelia Gonzalez/Boomer                                               
 FC 12-34
  1st 530 Kaitlyn Windfeldt-Marino/DNOsBlackOut                                
  2nd 433 Sera Alaga/Pecos                                                     
  3rd 585 Alexandra Rogers/Mr B                                                
4th   246 Brianna Cole/Spooky                                                  
  5th 179 Melissa Ribeiro/Luna Lu                                              
 FC 35+
1st 431 Maegan Christopher/RW Chicken and Tonic                              
2nd   9 Debbie Crouch/H H Sugar & Spice                                      
  3rd 509 Barbie Woodard/Mona                                                  
  4th 242 Shelley Stevens/SunDance                                             
  5th 539 Beth Windfeldt/DNOsMaxxedOut                                         
All in all it was an amazing night!  It was so much fun to see everyone dressed up & spending time with their families.   Can’t wait to see all those awards in use next season!

Our 2019/2020 season is already underway but there are still lots of shows on the calendar.  You can find the schedule on our website at www.tri-countyriders.com  Its not too late to sign up for our STAR program either!  Riders only need 35 rides to earn a buckle & this year we have modified the overall awards program so that you don’t need to attend every show to have a chance.   

Winter seems to be upon us….. Lots of rain in the forecast but take this time to spend time with your families & your horses.  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from all of us here at Tri-County Riders!your horses, hug your family, hug your horses & wear a helmet!

TCR STAR MEMBERS!!! The TCR board of directors has discussed our year end awards and we realize that this season has been beyond everyone’s control. We had 17 shows scheduled and between the weather & COVID 19 we have only been able to hold 8 of them. Based on this, the TCR board has voted to honor our STAR Members & EVERYONE who signed up for STAR Awards by March 14, 2020 will receive their custom buckle! We may not be able to have an actual awards banquet, but still hope to find a way to honor our dedicated riders.

Our riders are important to us and we support them in every way. Thank you everyone for believing in our independent club. It’s an honor to say you are our TCR family!


When they arrive we will arrange to distribute them to our riders!

Tri-County Riders​