Firecracker Frenzy 2022
July 2 & 3, 2022

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And just like that...... 7 months of planning, 75 riders, 13 events, 2 team games, 1 match race, 1 BBQ, 1 live band, 2 Galbraith saddles, one achievement award & $25,0000 worth of awards, all wrapped up.( I feel a little like an empty nester without all that stuff in my house).

First, I want to thank my board of directors. Jeff A, Lori, Beth W, Beth A, Amy, Ben, Maegan, Jeff M, Koren, Cindy, Diane, Kyla, Shelby and Kate. These folks worked tirelessly all weekend. They devote their free time to make sure all of our riders can enjoy themselves.


To our Sponsors, thank you for your generosity and for believing in our club and in our riders. Without our sponsors we would not be able to have such great awards at Firecracker Frenzy or throughout the rest of the year. Be sure to thank them by using their products or visiting their businesss.

Willis Construction, American Lock and Key, AOK Corral, Associated Plumbing, Inc., Baar Chiropractic, Becca's Country Grooming, Crystal Clear Communications, Danylle Kelly, Pierce Real Estate,

Farmwise, 1st Capital Bank, Heidi Daniels, Howling Handy Man, Julia Hanson-Brown, Monasmith Home and Termite Inspection, Nelson & Associates, Sweet Darling, The Mount Family, Wilde Logistics Group, C&N Tractors, Farmwise, Galbraith Tack & Trailer Sales, Green Valley Industrial, LA Hearne Co, LMF Feeds/Farmers Warehouse, Marina Plumbing & Heating, Ronnie Esparza Photography, Senergy Bodywork, South County Truck Parts, MCSP, Abundant Life Church, Cowboy Magic/Straight Arrow, Hands on Equine, Johnson Associates, Napa Technology, On UR Side, Inc. and Sublime Silkscreen


The weekend started with the board setting up the Posse Grounds with all the stuff we needed to insure a fun show for all our riders. Goodie bags, tshirts, decorations, sound systems and of course, working the ground. Thank you Jonathan Perez for bringing your amazing custom built arena groom and tractor. We were all happy to see how excited our riders were for our 15th Annual Firecracker Frenzy!

Saturday morning we saw lots of decorated riders and ponies and we started off with a bang! We blasted through 7 events and even 2 team events! We had 17 teams in each event but managed to get through them quickly. The sound of cheering from the sidelines let us know that it was a GREAT idea to add these to our line up. Congratulations to Brooke Kendrick and Madison Scott for their 2 Person Speedball win, Ava & Devon with 2nd and Rylin & Alexis Bozarth with 3rd. Congratulations Ava Rendon and Devon Naegele for your Ribbon Race win, Kayla & Kenna with 2nd and Amy and Diane with 3rd! All received some great awards.


Everyone took a break and and then met back up the the clubhouse for an amazing dinner for our riders. Thank you @Willis Construction Co. Inc. for your Diamond Sponsorship that made this possible! We had the Spit N' Mud Band as our entertainment for the evening and the did not disappoint us. We also awarded TCR's first time ever perpetual award. The Joanne Galbraith Award is for a shining example of encouragement and support. We were honored to be able to present it to her and let Joanne set the perimeters for the next recipient.Thank you Amber Stites & Lisa Jewett for handing the stick horse games. It sure looked like everyone was having a BLAST over there!


Sunday morning had a few sleepy faces so we had our Presentation of Flags at 9:00 with a special gift from Joanne Galbraith, 2 full sets of chaps and shirts for the American and California Flag bearers to wear (told ya shes a pretty amazing person)! Your flag presenters were: American-Jennifer GC, California-Brooke K, Army-Avery R , Marine-Ava C, Navy-Alaina H, Air Force-Alexis B, Coast Guard-Whitney B, POW MIA-Jamie R, Armed Forces-Devon N, Police-Sophie R, Fire-Kyla M, Dispatch-Siena, Corrections-Kenna. Security-Chyanne G. EMS-Kadin Korba, and TCR-Khloe D. All our riders did a great job!


Sunday at the riders meeting we named our 16 top qualifiers for our Match Race in Speed barrels. When the time came it was so great to see not only the AAA riders but also some AA riders. After our last event, the courses were set and quite literally, THE RACE WAS ON! Our 2022 Match Race Winner was Devon Naegele who took home a bronc halter and $200 in CASH. Tori Mount came in 2nd and received $100.


Finally, after all the numbers were crunched, checked. rechecked and re-rechecked we can present to you your 15th Annual Firecracker Frenzy award winners!


Placing Item First Last Horse

AAA Division

High point Tack Set package+ Brooke Kendrick Aztek

Reserve Yeti cup package Sami Mount Cash

3rd Bronc nosebands Tori Perez Puzzle

4th Buckle Holders Sophie Rojas Stevie

5th Rear cinch bags Jennifer Galindo Stanlee

6th Helmets Brooke Kendrick Bodie

7th Splint Boots Lisa Jewett Lucky

8th Mayatex Blanket Chloe Barnard Rocket

9th Trucker Hats package Mama Mount Boon

10th Cup/SA Hat Kaitlyn Windfeldt Marino Riley

11th Bucket/Fly mask Shannon Casi Halo


AA Division

High point Tack Set package+ Devon Nagel Jasmine

Reserve Yeti cup package Brooke Mullins Baron

3rd Bronc nosebands Ava Rendon Tequila

4th Buckle Holders Amy Alford Shasta

5th Rear cinch bags Madison Scott Shadow

6th Helmets Avery Ruddick Bonita

7th Splint Boots Kayla Gorshe Annie

8th Mayatex Blanket Beth Krickeberg Arabia Gidget

9th Trucker Hats package Maddison Mullins Bob

10th Cup/SA Hat Kenna Gorshe Stockton

11th Bucket/Fly mask Alexis Bozarth Dante


A Division

High point Tack Set package+ Caylee Lau Jackie

Reserve Yeti cup package Olivia Cochran Michael

3rd Bronc nosebands Chloe Segura AJ

4th Buckle Holders Maycee Mullins Chili

5th Rear cinch bags Kyla Monroe Cash

6th Helmets Diane Daniel-Jensen Rosie

7th Splint Boots Josona Prowse Spanx

8th Mayatex Blanket Eva Christopher Sly

9th Trucker Hats package Hailey Thomas Willie

10th Cup/SA Hat Randy Barnard Sparky

11th Bucket/Fly mask Kadin Korba Raven


FC 11 & Under

High point Tack Set package+ Khloe Deese DaVinci

Reserve Yeti cup package Autry Fanning Smokum

3rd Bronc nosebands Brooke Hedberg Chex

4th Buckle Holders Charlee Davenport Molly

5th Rear cinch bags Abby Loera Buddy

6th Helmets Colton DellaNina Pearl

7th Splint Boots Alaina Holt Rosie

8th Mayatex Blanket Whitney Brantner Peach

9th Trucker Hats package Charette Jewett Dusty

10th Cup/SA Hat Lily Forst Cowboy

11th Bucket/Fly mask Isabella Massa Bo

FC 12-34

High point Tack Set package+ Sami Mount Jigsaw

Reserve Yeti cup package Makena Buffinmyer Shilo

3rd Bronc nosebands Connor Segura Whiskey

4th Buckle Holders Hailey Thomas Mac

5th Rear cinch bags Kyla Monroe Midnight

6th Helmets Holly Machado Cody

7th Splint Boots Chyanne Garcia Dakota

8th Mayatex Blanket Kaitlyn Machado Indigo

9th Trucker Hats package Rachel Cardini Rose

10th Cup/SA Hat Angelina Massa Star

11th Bucket/Fly mask Kaitlyn WM



High point Tack Set package+ Jennifer Galindo CeeCee

Reserve Yeti cup package Honami Thomas Prince

3rd Bronc nosebands Lisa Jewett Wllow

4th Buckle Holders Stephie Barnard Missy

5th Rear cinch bags Crystal Wilson Keyston

6th Helmets Wendi Silva Sophie

7th Splint Boots Anita Simoni Jango

8th Mayatex Blanket Pam VanValkenberg

9th Trucker Hats package Cindy Elliott Finley

10th Cup/SA Hat Beth WM Jake

11th Bucket/Fly mask Shelby Martin Snookie


Wow! That is a lot of awards going back to our riders! We really do believe in giving back 100% of our money back to our riders. The smile on their faces say it all.


Did I mention that we raffled off 2 brand new Galbraith saddles? Yes, you read that right. Every rider was entered into a drawing for one of 2 saddles. Our first saddle winner was none other then one of our favorite leadliners…..GIGI Matison! Our second saddle winner was…… Cindy Elliott! Where else could 2 riders take home a custom saddle just for entering a show!


Volunteers, we can NEVER thank you enough. It didn't matter if you set a pole, shagged a ball, opened a gate, broke down boxes, wrote times, announced or set a barrel. Thank you for keeping our shows running!


So, here we are..... the end of the 2021/2022 season. Bittersweet but I know our new season will start in 6 weeks and I will be working on awards for that and of course for our YEAR END AWARD DINNER! Save the date, November 5th, 2022 at the Hollister Elks Lodge. I already have some great award ideas so stay tuned......

August 20th and 21st will be the start of our 2022/2023 season, until then, RIDE HARD, HUG YOUR PONIES AND WEAR YOUR HELMETS!