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How to Ensure a Fantastic Show!

  • ​Proper Attire for Riders

    • ​All riders will wear closed toe, slip on or lace up boots with a heel while handling or riding horses.

    • All competitors will wear safe riding attire, boots, belt, long pants, no exceptions.​

    • Style of shirt is rider’s choice. NO shirts with profanity or vulgar connotations. 


  • Please ride in order:

    • Please ride in the order in which you are called to the arena. Riders who come into the arena out-of-order may cause many problems. If you ride out-of-order, your time may be incorrectly entered. This will not only be a problem for you, but also a problem for the rider who was supposed to ride at that time. If you are a worker and must ride out-of-order, ensure that the judge and the booth workers know who you are and know that you are riding out-of-order. If you ride out-of-order and you are NOT a qualified rider you MAY be disqualified and loose your time! Thank you all for your cooperation in this matter. It will help the shows to proceed smoothly and reduce problems with incorrect times being entered in the computer. 

  • The One Minute Rule:

    • 1. Once you are called into the arena, you will have one (1) minute to enter the arena and begin the course. 2. Failure to do so may result in a disqualification and a No-Time for that ride

  • Acknowledge the Judge when you enter the arena:

    • 1. When you enter the arena, you must wait for the judge to signal that you may start your run.

    • 2. Failure to acknowledge the judge may result in a disqualification and a No–Time for that event

  •  "Lead Line" Rules for Riders who need assistance:

    • 1. TCR is interested in providing an opportunity for riders who need assistance to participate in Gymkhana Shows.. A  Lead Line Rider may be led through the course by a parent or responsible party. Such assistance is allowed to ensure the safety of the rider but does not extend to the assistant touching the poles, flags or other obstacles. The Lead Line Team(horse, rider and leader) must properly complete the course. Lead line riders must have a bridle and reins on their horse. Walk & Trot only in lead line classes, no loping.

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