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TCR STAR Award Program

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STAR Program 2023.jpg

2023 STAR Award Dinner 

Year End Award Dinner 2023….. Lets break it down. The day started with a small group of us packing all the things that make YEA happen. Not just the amazing awards but also all the fixtures we needed to display it all! We had DNOs 4 horse trailer packed in less then 40 minutes! That gave us a chance to clean up and get ready for the MAIN EVENT! We all met up again at the Elks Lodge to set up the amazing display of goodies!

TCR had amassed quite the collection of raffle prizes and Silent Auction items & we had some very happy people go home with a little “extra”. I want to thank Chloe Segura & Kayee Naegle for selling those tickets! You ladies did an amazing job!

It is always important to acknowledge all those who work behind the scenes. Our Board of Directors & our Volunteers! Thank you for your support & dedication! This organization doesn’t work unless you do!

Jennifer President

Jeff Vice President

Lori Treasurer

Beth Secretary

Dennis Past President

Amy Director

Beth Director

Candace Director

Shelby Director

Shannon Director

Cindy Director

Mama Director

Honami Director

Austin Arabia

Jonathan Martin

Matt Mullins

Tori Mount

Kimiko Milheim

Catherine Segura

David Remple

Melissa Ribeiro

Val Loera

Tony Souza


Here are your 2022-2023 Year End Buckle Winners!

Amy Alford Cotton Eyed Joe

Lillian Allen Johnny

Austin Arabia Judge

Beth Arabia Director

Jeff Arabia Vice President

Shylah Ayzman Molly

Shylah Ayzman Pops

Farrah Botto Penny

Taron Boyles Elsa

Alexis Bozarth Maverick

Christian Bozarth Mr. Beans/Walter

Whitney Brantner Peach

Hailey Rose Brooks Jeter Bug

Makena Buffenmyer Shiloh

Rachel Cardini Journey

Katarina Carranza Dusty

Katarina Carranza Molly

Shannnon Casi Director

Marley Clarkson Bailey

Savannah Clayton Suprise Attack

Sierra Clayton Suprise Attack

Dennis Cole Past President

Charlee Davenport Doman Dakota

Makenna Davis Cowboy

Khloe Deese DaVinci

Jamie Donato Maverick

Cindy Elliott Finley

Joe Elliott Ellie

Autry Fanning Smokum Oak

Allie Florea Bullet

Lily Forst Lolli

Jennifer Galindo-Cole DNOsStandOut Plus a Record Medal!

Bella Gaynor Badger

Maddie Gaynor Harley

Kayla Gorshe DNOsAllOut

Kenna Gorshe DNOsStretchedOut

Lily Heitzman Clancy

Cheyenne Hoffman Strawberry Shortcake

Alaina Holt Royal Rosie

Charlette Jewett Cody

Lisa Jewett Willow

Elias Jonte Saiz Marti

Brooke Kendrick Aztec

Brooke Kendrick Bodie

Jennifer Keyes Ransoms Final Cookie

Grace Klair Domino

Kadin Korba Wicked

Eva Koyak Autumn

Caylee Lau DNOsJazzedOut

Lexi Lemus Cutter

Abby Loera Bear

Matt Loggins Sunny

Holly Machado Raven

Kaitlyn Machado Indigo

Lori Marino Director

Rylin Martin Whiskey

Shelby Martin Director

Amanda Massingale Miles

Siena Merrill LaKota

Chayce Milheim Tommy 2 Tone

Kimiko Milheim Peppy Smarter

Arielle Minor Rip

Mama Mount Boon

Sami Mount Jigsaw

Sami Mount Show Me The Ca$h

Brooke Mullins Blue

Maddison Mullins Bob

Maycee Mullins Jack

Devon Naegele Jasmine

Kaylee Naegele Teddy

Brenna Nall Denver

CJ O'Brien Emoji

Jennifer Ogawa Domino

Amy Olivetti Diesel

Amy Olivetti Raineys Blu Titan

Grace Olivetti Chief

Jayden Opray Clyde

Savannah Opray Stockton

Madison Otts Lady Bug

Georgia Perez Puzzle

Jolene Perez B Bear

Tori Perez Bond

Tori Perez Princess Puzzle

Tammy Pigao ChexOutMyBigGuns

Lainy Ratliff Chance

Riley Rempel Rappin Aristocrat

Tyler Rempel Ollie

Ava Jeanne Rendon Tequila

Melanie Reynolds Horse

Sally Reynolds Barbie

Carly Rhodes Bella

Isabella Ribeiro Whiskey

Jamie Rojas Hot Tamale

Jamie Rojas Prince

Sophie Rojas Harley

Ainsley Rokhvarger Domino

Avery Ruddick Bonita

Isenia Salinas Spookers

Bria Schalesky Martini

Samantha Schneider Wiley Coyote

Chloe Segura Agent J

Alyssa Shorts Paint

Sissy Shults Levy

Brianna Sifton Whiskey

Wendi Silva Splash

Anita Simoni My Name is Sexy

Anita Simoni TheDevilWearsPrada

Tiffany Smith Charming Charley

Amber Stites Raven

Hailey Thomas Willie

Honami Thomas Kahlua

Brody Vieira Captain of the Ground

Crystal Wilson Chex

Crystal Wilson Keystone

Beth Windfeldt Marino DNOs Stake Outt

Kate Windfeldt-Marino Riley


After our Buckle winners were announced we moved on to our big surprise…..Our Overall Top 5 Awards! Galbraith Saddles, Best Ever Saddle Pads, Graham Equine Breastcollars, Krista Williams Frames & Custom Tack Shop Saddle Blankets! Here are your 2022-2023 Overall Division Champions:


FC 11 & Under

1st Charlee Davenport-Doman Dakota

2nd Khloe Deese DaVinci

3rd Abby Loera Bear

4th CJ O'Brian Emoji

5th Rylin Martin Marti Likes to Parti


FC 12-34

1st MaKena Buffenmyer Shiloh

2nd Carly Rhodes Bella

3rd Rachel Cardini Journey

4th Samantha Schneider Wiley Coyote

5th Allie Florea Bullet


FC 35+

1st Tammy Pigao Check Out My Big Guns

2nd Amy Alford Cotton Eyed Joe

3rd Honami Thomas Kahlua

4th Crystal Wilson Keystone

5th Cindy Elliott Finley


A Division

1st Hailey Thomas Willie

2nd Maddison Mullins Bob

3rd Sophie Rojas Harley

4th Chayce Milheim Tommy

5th Lisa Jewett Miss Willow


AA Horse

1st Caylee Lau DNOs Jazzed Out

2nd Ava Jeanne Tequila

3rd Beth Arabia DNOs Watch Outt

4th Sissy Shults Levi

5th Tori Perez Bond


AAA Horse

1st Jennifer Galindo-Cole DNOs Stand Out

2nd Brooke Kendrick Aztec

3rd Avery Ruddick Bonita

4th Sami Mount Show Me The Ca$h

5th Hailey Rose Brookes Jeter Bug




Lets recap for a minute……. 49 raffle prizes, 12 silent auction items, 26 centerpieces, $20,000 of custom buckles, $1000 of sponsor plaques, 25 $100 jackets, 6 $1700 Galbraith saddles, 6 $250 Best Ever Pads Custom Saddle Pads, 6 $200 Graham Equine breastcollars, 6 $125 Krista Williams Creations frames, 6 $80 Custom Tack Shop saddle pads, plus some gifts for Board Members and volunteers. AND a $10,000 catered dinner. That is over $47,000 going back to what this club is all about THE MEMBERS!


We have an album posted of pictures to commemorate the evening. Please tag yourselves and SHARE!


Our final show of 2023 is scheduled for November 18th and 19th. We need to see what Mother Nature is going to throw at us but stay tuned for a flyer and entry form.

On behalf of the entire Tri-County Riders Board of Directors we want to thank each & every rider, family member, volunteer & even our spectators for supporting our club. We exist for you & love to see all the love you share.

Remember, ride hard, ride fast, wear your helmets & HUG YOUR HORSES!

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