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TCR STAR Award Program

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STAR Program 2023.jpg

2022 STAR Award Dinner 

16 months of planing, crunching numbers, ordering & storing goes into one night of absolute perfection! A night where all our riders come together, (dressed up and not covered in dirt) to show their support for each other.  We had 98 custom buckles, 17 personalized knives, 25 sponsor plaques, 3 record holder medals, 6 custom wither straps, 6 custom hay bags, 6 custom frames, 6 custom breastcollars & 6 Galbraith Saddles going back to our riders! That (with a wonderful dinner at the elks) comes out to over $40,000 of awards going back to our riders. Plus a record number of raffle and silent auction prizes. 


Our STAR program allows our riders to earn a custom buckle with their name and their horse’s name. Every year it is a new design so riders can proudly wear their newest buckle for the next year. 90 of our riders were there in person to accept their awards. 


Here are your STAR Award buckle winners for our 2021-2022 season:


Amy  Alford DNOs Shasta

Beth Arabia DNOsWatchOutt

Joslyn Avis Cowboy

Heather Avis Prince

Chloe Barnard Retro Rocket

Randy Barnard Sienna Taris Shiner

Alexis Bozarth Dante

Whitney Brantner Peach

Hailey Rose Brooks Jeter Bug

Makena Buffinmyer Shilo

Rachel Cardini Guns & Rose

Shannon Casi Wistlin Fastcash

Maegan Christopher Nugget

Eva Christopher Slydin In Hot

Olivia Cochran DNOsOuttaSight

Charlee Davenport Molly

Khloe Deese DaVinci

Anisa Degerli Sunny Side Up

Melissa Del Carlo Ca$h Only

Colton Della Nina Chubs

Colton  Della Nina Pearl

Joe Elliott Ellie

Cindy Elliott Wizard

Lily Forst Cowboy

Jennifer Galindo-Cole DNOsCheckMeOut

Jen  Galindo-Cole DNOsStandOut

Chyanne Garcia Dakota

Judy Gorshe Chino

Kayla Gorshe DNOsAllOut

Kenna Gorshe DNOsStretchedOut

Brooke Hedberg Chex 

Cheyenne Hofman Dodge

Dallas Hofman Speedy

Alaina Hoyt Rosie

Diane Jensen Rosie

Diane Jensen Willow

Charlette Jewett Dakota

Lisa Jewett Plexus Lucky 7

Lisa Jewett Willow

Brooke Kendrick Aztec

Brooke Kendrick Bodie

Kadin Korba Raven

Jordi Larson Honey Bee

Caylee Lau DNOsTrickedOut

Abigail Loera Buddy

Sarah Luke Snick

Holly Machado Cody

Kaitlyn Machado Indigo

Shelby Martin Snookie

Rylin Martin Whiskey

GiGi Matison Chubs

Siena Merrill LaKota

Chayce Milheim Tommy 2 Tone

Kyla Monroe Cash

Kyla Monroe Midnight

Mama Mount Boon

Sami Mount Jigsaw

Sami Mount Show Me The Ca$h

Maddison Mullins Bob

Maycee Mullins Chili Bean

Brooke Mullins Dolly

Norah Nigh Ruby

Jennifer Ogawa Domino

Jolene Perez Princess Puzzle

Tori Perez Princess Puzzle

Tammy Pigao ChexOutMyBigGuns

Josona Prowse Suprise Attack

Rachel Ratliff Betsy

Lainy Ratliff Cash

Kevin Ratliff Rojan

Ava  Rendon Tequila

Isabella Ribeiro Sissy Squared

Jamie Rojas Miah

Sophie Rojas Stevie

Avery Ruddick Bonita

Isenia Salinas Flying Solo to Mars

Madison Scott Shadow

Chloe Segura EyeGottaWhiz

Connor Segura Whiskey

Sarah Shaw Reba

Wendi Silva Sophies Choice

Anita Simoni TheDevilWearsPrada 

Hailey Thomas Mack

Honami Thomas Prince

Hailey Thomas Willie

Pam VanValkenburge Shasta Pop

Rileigh VanValkenburge Shasta Pop

Brody Viera Captain of the Ground

Crystal Wilson Keystone

Kaitlyn Windfeldt DNOsLookOut

Beth Windfeldt DNOsStakeOutt

Kaitlyn Windfeldt Riley

Madison Woodard Oliver


After our presentation of buckles we got down to our overall Top 5 in each division!  It was a tight race in some of these classes and we know how hard our riders worked for their recognition! Here are your divisional champions for our 2021-2022 season! 


FC 11 & Under 

1st Abigail Loera Buddy

2nd Rylin Martin Whiskey

3rd Khloe Deese Shasta

4th Lily Forst Cowboy

5th Jamie Rojas Maya




FC 12-34 


1st Sami Mount Jigsaw

2nd Kyla Monroe Midnight

3rd Connor Segura Whiskey

4th Eva Christopher Sly

4th Chyanne Garcia Dakota

5th Kaitlyn Windfeldt-Marino DNOs Look Out



FC 35+ 


1st Honami Thomas Prince

2nd Judy Gorshe Chino

3rd Tammy Pigao Gunner

4th Lisa Jewett Willow

5th Diane Jensen Willow




A Division 


1st Amy Alford DNOs Shasta

2nd Diane Jensen Rosie

3rd Olivia Cochran DNOs Outta Sight

4th Maddison Mullins Bob

5th Hailey Thomas Willie




AA Division 


1st Kayla Gorshe DNOs All Out

2nd Sarah Shaw Reba

3rd Sophie Rojas Stevie

4th Isabella Ribeiro Sissy

5th Jennifer Ogawa Domino




AAA Division 


1st Brooke Kendrick Aztec

2nd Jennifer Galindo-Cole DNOsStandOut

3rd Sami Mount Show Me the Ca$h

4th Meagen Christopher Nugget

5th Beth Arabia DNOsWatchOutt


We also had 3 new arena record medals to hand out! Congratulations goes out to Brooke Kendrick & Aztec for a new arena record in Keyhole and to Rachel Kelman and Sunflare in Hurry Scurry and Poles 2. Congratulations ladies, those were impressive runs!


We also wanted to recognize our Diamond, Platinum & Gold Sponsors. These sponsors support TCR and our Riders! It was our turn to spotlight them! A big thank you goes out to these people:


Willis Construction

American Lock and Key

AOK Corral

Associated Plumbing, Inc.

Baar Chiropractic

Becca's Country Grooming

Crystal Clear Communications

Danylle Kelly Pierce Real Estate DRE01333321


1st Capital Bank

Heidi Daniels

Howling Handy Man

Julia Hanson-Brown DRE 01458897

Monasmith Home and Termite Inspection

Nelson & Associates

Sweet Darling

The Mount Family

Wilde Logistics Group

C&N Tractors

Galbraith Tack & Trailer Sales

Green Valley

LA Hearne Co

LMF Feeds/Farmers Warehouse

Marina Plumbing & Heating

Ronnie Esparza Photography

Senergy Bodywork

South County Truck Works



What an amazing night! Watch for our album of photos and please tag yourself and your friends. Lots of great pics! 


We have a show scheduled for November 19th & 20th. Let’s hope Mother Nature cooperates and we can RIDE!  


Until then, ride hard, wear your new buckles, wear your helmets and of course…. Hug your horses.


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