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2021 Award Banquet Recap!

Another season in the books.... We celebrated our riders at our Annual STAR Award Dinner. It is always a special night when everyone dresses up and receives their custom buckles!

It takes months of planning, ordering, storing, moving, packing, unpacking and finally setting up to make this night happen. The TCR Board works hard to make sure it is PERFECT! All hands were on deck and I have to say, it was a magical night!


The night began with a presentation to Dennis Cole, our past president. TCR gifted him a beautiful Terrant felt hat with a George N Cominos crafted hatband. It was a touching moment when it was presented.


We had 109 handcrafted Molly's Custom Silver buckles to award to our riders! Good job STAR Riders!

Sera Alaga Pecos

Amy Alford DNOs Shasta

Chloe Anderson Zippy

Tammy Pigao Wildfire

Katelyn Anderson Sugar

Beth Arabia Captain Morgan

Brody Vieira Little Miss Sunshine

Keikilani Arellano Keanu

Alexis Bozarth DonKey

Hailey Rose Brooks Jeter Bug

Ashley Chavez Bullet

Eva Christopher DNO'sHattTrick

Maegan Christopher RW Chicken and Tonic

Olivia Cochran DNOsMissinOut

Brianna Cole Spooky

Charlotte Deal Spanky

Lillian Deal Lily

McKayla Deal Grey Goose

Khloe Deese Shasta

Melissa Del Carlo Cash Only

Norah Nigh Ruby

Isaac Duran Cash

Ellen El-Bisi Optional Equipment

Ellen El-Bisi Pandemic Therapy

Ellen El-Bisi Skipper

Cindy Elliott Wizard

Joe Elliott Jake

Meghan Foley Shiloh

Jennifer Galindo-Cole DNOsStandOut

Jennifer Galindo-Cole DNOSWatchOutt

Chyanne Garcia Buddy

Kayla Gorshe DNOs All Out

Kenna Gorshe DNO's Tricked Out

Desiray Harrison Modoc

Scarlett Harrison Stormy

Josh Harvey Zeus

Jamie Hatcher Ginger

Kinslee Hatcher Luna

Brooke Hedberg Chex

Diane Jensen Rosie

Charlette Jewett Lucky

Lisa Jewett Plexus Lucky 7

Brooke Kendrick Aztec

Brooke Kendrick Bodie

Dorthy Kern Remi

Danielle Laisure Pico De Gallo

Jordi Larson-Sumners Jax

Jordi Larson-Sumners Rockstar

Abby Loera Chance

Abby Loera Dakota

Valarie Loera Buddy

Sarah Luke Snick

Rylin Martin Frankie

Rylin Martin Whiskey

Shelby Martin Snookie

Sadie Martinez-Swanson Spanky

Chayce Milheim Peppy Smarter

Chayce Milheim Tommy 2 Tone

Kyla Monroe Cash

Mama Mount Boon

Sami Mount Show Me The Ca$h

Tori Perez Princess Puzzle

Brooke Mullins Dolly

Maddison Mullins Bob

Maycee Mullins Baylee

Maycee Mullins Chili Bean

Paige Nielsen Jeter Bug

Hailey Owens Dusty

Hailey Owens Molly

Mia Ramos Cowboy

Kevin Ratliff Rojan

Lainy Ratliff Betsy

Zachariah Ratliff Chance

Ava Rendon Tequila

Isabella Ribeiro Sissy Squared

Melissa Ribeiro Luna Lu

Angela Rojas Stevie

Jamie Rojas Miah

Sophie Rojas Honey

Lanni Ross Taz

Avery Ruddick Bonita

Isenia Salinas SoSlo

Madison Scott Shadow

Chloe Segura A.J.

Sarah Shaw Reba

Wendi Silva Sophie

Catherine Smith Mr. Peabody

Claire Smith Stella

Tatum Smith Cowboy

Karen Soares Skippin Yellow Road

Amber Stites Jax

Madelyn Tamone Biggie

Hailey Thomas Willie

Honami Thomas Prince

Lily Vickery Fallyn

Nikya Vickery Sunny

Stella Vickery Rosie

Cam Watkins Badger

Brooke Weitz Dakota

Layla Wilder LaKota

Lori Ann Wiley #2Freaky

CharlesWallace Hanson IV 101

Crystal Wilson Keystone

Beth Windfeldt-Marino DNOsHollywood

Kaitlyn Windfeldt-Marino Riley

Barbie Woodard Media Luna

Barbie Woodard Pink Panther Boogie

Madison Woodard Ginger

Madison Woodard Oliver


We also had our Firecracker Frenzy Sportsmen buckles to award to our hard working Frenzy volunteers. Be sure to thank, Amy Alford, Austin Arabia, Brandi Mount, Matt Mullins and Fred Woodard


The time had finally arrived to award our Overall Divisional Champion Awards. Riders compete all year and the ones with the highest points in their divisions make the Top 5. High Point was a beautiful Galbraith saddle, Reserve were Mollys Custom Silver spurs, Vicki Belanger buckle racks for third, Nicole Buck rear cinch bags for fourth and Custom Tack Shop insulated tumbler. Here are your 2020/2021 Overall Champions!


FC 11 & Under

1st Lainy Ratliff Betsy

2nd Maycee Mullins Baylee

3rd Jaime Rojas Miah(My-Ah)

4th Khloe Deese Shasta

5th Tatum Smith Cowboy


FC 12-34

1st Hailey Thomas Willie

2nd Maddison Mullins Bob

3rd Jordi Larson-Sumners Jax

4th McKayla Deal Grey Goose

5th Brooke Weitz Dakota


FC 35+

1st Joe Elliott Jake

2nd Beth Windfeldt-Marino Hollywood

3rd Honami Thomas Prince

4th Lori Ann Wiley #2Freaky

5th Ellen El-Bisi Pandemic Therapy


A Division

1st Brooke Mullins Dolly

2nd Maycee Mullins Chili Bean

3rd Dianen Jensen Rosie

4th Sophie Rojas Honey

5th Barbie Woodard Mona


AA Division

1st Karen Soares Huck

2nd Avery Ruddick Bonita

3rd Angela Rojas Stevie

4th Olivia Cochran Mike

5th Sarah Luke Snick


AAA Division

1st Maegan Christopher Nugget

2nd Brooke Kendrick Aztec

3rd Sami Mount Ca$h

4th Jennifer Galindo-Cole Stanlee

5th Ashley Chavez Bullet



Lets not forget that none of this would be possible with out our dedicated sponsors. Please try to use these business or just thank them next time you see them!

Sponsor Level

American Lock and Key Platinum

Arabias Overkill Platinum

Associated Plumbing, Inc. Platinum

Barlocker's Rustling Oaks Ranch Platinum

C&N Tractor Platinum

Crystal Clear Communications Platinum

Dreamweaver Ranch Platinum

Gilroy Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Platinum

Hollister Jet Center. Platinum

Joe Elliott Whole Horse System Platinum

Nelson Platinum

SLBH Bodywork Platinum

The Mount Family Platinum

Val's Equine Therapy Platinum

Down N' Out Ranch Gold

Galbraith Tack & Trailer Sales Gold

Hands On Equine Gold

Molly’s Custom Silver Gold

Pizza Factory Gold

South County Line-X Gold

Sublime Silkscreening Gold

Gilroy Automotive Repair Silver

Stop Bugg’N Organic Fly Spray Silver

Straight Arrow Products/Cowboy Magic


Lastly, Tri-County Riders wanted to send a special thank you to AOK for opening their home to us last season. It is not easy to have 200 people show up 2 days a month and we appreciated their hospitality. We wanted them to have a memento from us so TCR presented Jeff. Beth, Austin, Brody & Frog with a plaque of all the fastest times run in the 2020/2021 season. We also awarded each record holder with a medal with their record setting time.


All in all it was an amazing night! Lots of smiles, hugs, a few tears but definitely a whole lot of LOVE!

We are only halfway through our 2021/2022 season, there is still time to sign up for STAR and be part of next year's festivities. Our January shows are scheduled for the 15th and 16th, we hope to see you there! Until next time... Surround yourself with your family, friends & fur babies. Happy Holidays from our hearts to yours..