Event Dates


February 19 & 20

March 19 & 20

April  9 & 10

May 21 & 22

June 11 & 12

​July 1, 2 &3 Firecracker Frenzy

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Show Event Listings

TCR recognizes thirteen individual events. Seven events are usually run at each show. For buckle or saddles shows, only 13 events are run.  A diagram of all of the events is displayed to the right.

Type 1 Show Events:
Fig. 8 Stake, Quads, Speedball, Speed Barrels, Poles I, Hurry Scurry, Single Stake
Type 2 Show Events:
Poles II, Big T, Fig. 8 Flags, Single Stake, Birangle, Keyhole, Barrels

Events are subject to change based on arena conditions & safety concerns

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Regular Show Entry Form

Either print out or email to jgalindo@razzolink.com or Text to 831.801.0990