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Winreducer Serial

What makes re-installing Windows painful is the waiting around for a few keystrokes and post-installation chores. Windows 8 installs in mere minutes, but you still have to accept the EULA, manually enter your 25 digit serial number, and apply Windows updates once the installation itself is completed. If you're eager to optimize this process, here is a way to customize your Windows 8 installation.

Winreducer Serial

Don't forget to set up the Unattended installation. Remember that if you add the serial number, the resulting ISO file will be set to your computer. Trying to use your custom Windows 8.1 installation disc on another computer would be a violation of the Windows license agreement and you would run into issues activating Windows.

Back in 2012 when Windows 8 was released, we covered a tool called WinReducer, which allows you to install Windows on multiple PCs in one go and also want to have a custom installation. When you install Windows, the installer installs defaults apps, configurations etc and there is no method to customize the installation. Further there is no option to perform an unattended installation of Windows 8 as you need to enter the settings, options and also serial number.

The app basically performs customized unattended installation of Windows by selecting the apps you want to install and also you can enter the serial key before hand so that the set up will not stop at that point. 350c69d7ab

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