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Retro Brawl: The Best Brawl Stars Old Version Private Server for Android Devices

Retro Brawl is a free-to-play private server to the popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game called Brawl Stars. It's a mod that lets you play the maps from its first version. Moreover, it brings the 33 original brawlers that are no longer available in the newest version. However, unlike the Brawl Stars game, it has no online gameplay yet. There is a chance to play in a tournament and win rewards, but the process is quite complicated.

download brawl stars old version private server

Retro Brawl is a private server in the old Brawl Stars style. This game will take players back to the first version of its early development days. With this, you can enjoy the old maps and characters that the newer Brawl Stars game no longer offers. There are 33 Brawlers in this mod, all of which are old characters fans are familiar with. Because it is the old version, these characters are very strong.

Next will be a list of the best Brawl Stars private servers, each of which is very popular among the players. By clicking the "Download" button, download any server you are interested in on Android, iOS and PC devices, and then proceed to the next step with the installation.


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